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SB Nation reacts: 49ers fans are 20% more confident in their team than Seahawks fans

We’re up to 81% after being down in the dumps two weeks ago

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NFL: SEP 13 Cardinals at 49ers Photo by MSA/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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Two weeks ago, San Francisco 49ers fans confidence were down in the dumps at 43%. After two wins in a row, our polls have risen to 81%.

Compare that figure to Seahawks fans whose confidence dropped from 93% to 63% after a primetime loss to the Cardinals last week. Both teams confidence polls could continue to go in the same direction as the 49ers are playing their best ball of the season, while Seattle’s luck ran out a week ago.

Seattle was voted the third best team in the NFL, but they were a distant third behind the second-place Pittsburgh Steelers, who received just over 30% of the vote, and the first-place Kansas City Chiefs, who received nearly 60% of the vote. The Green Bay Packers came in fourth. Apparently, nobody has watched Tampa Bay this season. To me, the Bucs and the Chiefs are the two best teams in the NFL, and it’s not close. San Francisco feels like the only team in the NFC that could give Tompa Bay a run for its money.

Which Week 8 game is the most interesting?

I feel that the Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense wakes up and hands it to Pittsburgh. That Patriots/Bills game will be a snoozer. The morning game that has the best chance to be sneaky good is the Rams against the Dolphins. I think Tua plays well and have a feeling that Miami pulls off the upset. That’s what I’ll be watching Sunday morning.

Nearly 60% of fans said they’d trade for Ryan Fitzpatrick. About a quarter of fans said take Dwayne Haskins, with roughly 17% said they’d trade for Tyrod Taylor. We’re looking at you, Dallas.

Only 10% of fans said they’d want their team trade for Matt Ryan. While the veteran quarterback is still plenty good, his arm looks shot, which hurt his decision making.