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The honeymoon with Nick Mullens is over

49ers fall to 5-21 without Jimmy Garoppolo

Philadelphia Eagles v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

After nine starts, Colin Kaepernick was going to a Super Bowl. After nine starts for Nick Mullens, he may be joining Kaepernick as a 49ers spectator. In what was the worst start of his career, Mullens proved once and for all that the only quarterback controversy he should be involved in is with C.J. Beathard.

The most frustrating thing about the 49ers’ Week 4 loss was that every time you had a spark of hope, the Niners (usually Mullens) followed it up with a swift kick in the gut.

If you like punishment, or just need to hear someone vent about how bad this loss was, please take a listen to the Instant Reaction podcast I recorded after the game last night. If you are as angry as I am, I know you’ll enjoy it.