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Shanaplan: How many of the 49ers problems are fixable?

Kyle Posey and Akash Anavarathan discuss

Philadelphia Eagles v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

By now, the problems plaguing the 49ers are hardly a mystery to those following the team. The quarterback play has been terrible, the offensive line can’t block for the pass or the run, and the pass rush without Nick Bosa and Dee Ford has been inconsistent at best. The real question is, how many of those issues can the team correct over the last 12 games?

Kyle Posey and Akash Anavarathan address that question in the latest episode of The Shanaplan podcast, which is available now right here and wherever you get your podcasts.

Other topics discussed:

-Why people are holding Jimmy Garoppolo to the wrong standard

-Week 4’s unsung heroes

-Updated season win prediction