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Gold Standard: What’s gone right, gone wrong, and what should change?

Stats and Levin Black address the state of the 2020 49ers

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Rather than a straight up preview of the upcoming game against Miami, Levin and I thought we’d take a big-picture view of the team now that we’re a quarter of the way through the season. Very simply, we break our analysis down into three categories: what’s gone right, what’s gone wrong, and what needs to change going forward?

While there have been challenges for sure, and we don’t shy away from mentioning them, it always helps to start with the positive. Without question, the 49ers hit on their two first round picks, Javon Kinlaw and Brandon Aiyuk. Kinlaw has been rock-solid from the start and improves every week, and Aiyuk has shown the explosiveness after the catch that made Kyle Shanahan drool on draft night.

“They’ve both done well to this point, and they’re both showing loads of promise. The highlight of the year might be Aiyuk’s hurdle from last week,” Levin said, “Kinlaw has been a hit as well, The one thing that Saleh has done wrong is not play him enough in Week 1. Opponents and people watching game film have both highlighted the freakish strength he has and the amount of times he has already just tossed somebody to the side.”

On the flip side, it isn’t hard to see the negatives. The offensive line forgot how to block and the injuries have taken their toll. Do some of the problems the team is having reveal a fatal flaw of Kyle Shanahan? And how can the team address these weaknesses going forward?

Check out the episode to find out.

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