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49ers’ Trent Williams doesn’t feel like he played bad against Eagles

The perennial All-Pro says other than a few early mistakes, he played well against Philadelphia.

Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Despite giving up five sacks and 15 QB hits, one San Francisco 49ers’ offensive lineman feels he played pretty well in the Week 4 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Left tackle Trent Williams knows he made some mistakes early, but overall felt he had a pretty good performance against the vaunted Eagles’ defensive front.

“In pass pro, I was pretty clean. Out of 74 plays, I probably wish I had four-to-five back, the penalties are on me, bonehead penalties I have to erase from the game,” Williams said. “Pass protection, I had a pretty clean sheet. Public perception can think some things are on you, but in-house, we kind of know they’re not. So, that’s a tough deal to juggle with, dealing with perception versus reality.”

Pro Football Focus gave the seven-time Pro Bowler a pass-blocking grade of 63.7, second-worst behind Daniel Brunskill. Several media members stated that it was the worst game of Williams’ career, but the hulking offensive lineman says outsiders don’t get the game’s little details.

“We’re all grown, we’re all professionals. We understand — especially as offensive lineman — that not everybody knows our responsibilities and knows things [we have] to do from one play to another,” Williams said. “A lot of people know football, and they can make educated guesses, but things change every week and techniques change every week. Part of being a professional you have to know what’s reality and what’s perception.”

The Niners were big favorites against the Eagles, but they made too many mistakes to win. San Francisco’s offense has struggled in the two losses this season, but Williams is looking at the silver lining from the defeat against Philadelphia.

“We have to play better as a team, as a unit. Especially offensively, we didn’t have a good outing. When you look at the game, you take it for what it’s worth,” Williams said. “We were ahead of the game for a large majority of the time, we had three turnovers, one in the red zone and then one in their offensive territory, and we had a pick-six. It’s pretty hard to win a game after that, and we still had a chance, it came down to one play.”

There’s no doubt that injuries have played a significant role in the Niners’ offensive struggles, but help is on the way. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and running back Raheem Mostert are expected to return to the lineup, and Williams feels once the team gets back to full-strength, San Francisco’s dynamic offense will too.

“Hopefully we can get some guys back,” Williams said. “Get healthy and get back to the style of unit we were.”