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Niner Nate-tion: The 49ers are the most attractive QB destination

Niner Nate continue to drive the 49ers’ hype train

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There is no more positive 49ers force on this planet than Nate Nelson. No matter how many injuries the team suffers, or what happens in the games, he constantly provides the single most positive 49ers perspective anywhere.

This week, Niner Nate continues to offer up the rose-colored view of things in today’s Niners Nate-tion Podcast, where he asserts that the 49ers are the most attractive destination for a new quarterback, whether that’s through the draft, free agency, or trade.

“They’re just a quarterback away. Their best offensive skill players are locked up,” Nate said, “Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, the best tight end in the league, Brandon Aiyuk looks like a star. And Raheem Mostert really looks like a top ten running back now. Their offense is set. If you bring in a guy who has more potential than Jimmy Garopoolo, this team is really good on offense.”

Nate brings up a point that I’m not sure many of us have considered much yet. If there are quarterbacks that want to force their way out of town, or have some control over their future, wouldn’t San Francisco be at the top of the list? Especially when you consider who is going to be calling plays for you?

Other topics Nate covers this week:

-What QB route should the 49ers take going forward?

-Which incoming rookie QB does he want to see in scarlet and gold next year?

-Week 10 mailbag questions

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