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49ers vs. Saints Twitter reactions: The Nick Mullens horror show

San Francisco had a golden opportunity to pull off the upset, but instead folded when it counted most.

Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

That was frustrating.

The San Francisco 49ers blew an opportunity to get back to .500 after losing 27-13 to the New Orleans Saints. The Niners turned the ball over four times and wasted a great performance by the defense.

San Francisco heads into its much-needed BYE Week at 4-6 and will likely miss the playoffs for the sixth time in the last seven seasons. The injuries killed any hope of a return trip to the Super Bowl, but there are no excuses for how the offense looked against New Orleans.

Here are some Twitter reactions to the 49ers loss to the Saints.

How it started:

It looked good early for the offense and the defense did its job:

Then it got even better:

However, the running game didn’t get in on the early fun:

Going up 10-0 and controlling the clock felt good for about three minutes until this happened:

Again, the defense stepped up and held the Saints to a field goal:

And that was when the wheels started coming off the bus:

Same here, Biderman!

Also, a reminder that the NFL officiating stinks at times. Especially when the 49ers lay a hand on Brees:

No, we are not JLC:

This would have been nice to see, Barrows:

The Niners were in position to retake the lead and these were the back-to-back play calls:

The Saints went ahead and the Niners never recovered:

How were the 49ers trailing at half time?

We all know what happened after this, so let’s summarize Nick Mullens’ second half:

How it ended:

Enjoy the BYE Week!