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Stats & Eggs: Jerry Rice calls out his former team

Everything you need to know in less than five minutes

American Century Championship - Round Two Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With no game until November 29th, 49ers fans are going to have to sit with the loss to the Saints for quite some time before getting a shot at redemption against the Los Angeles Rams.

One fan who this loss did not sit well with is Jerry Rice, who called out his former team on 95.7 The Game on Monday:

“The Niners had a chance of really doing something special. It’s all about finishing. You’ve got to be able to finish...You know [the Saints] have the firepower to come back. You’ve got to keep going for the throat. That’s what I didn’t see. Once you get up, you’ve got to focus more to detail. You’ve got to keep putting points on the board. You’ve got to stay aggressive. The Niners gotta learn how to do that.”

He’s not wrong. The Niners watched a ten point lead turn into a 17 point deficit before their offense could muster anything in response.

And maybe that’s a perfect example of where the injuries hurt most of all. There was no one there to stop the bleeding.

There was no Nick Bosa to make a big sack to end a drive.

There was no George Kittle to break two tackles and keep a drive going.

There was Jimmie Ward with the ball in his hands for a big interception...but he dropped it.

The story of 2020.

You can hear Jerry’s comments as well as thoughts on Arik Armstead going on the COVID-19 list in today’s Stats & Eggs podcast. It’s less than five minutes long and gives you everything you need to know.