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Stats & Eggs: Who are the 49ers’ biggest priorities to re-sign?

Everything you need to know in less than five minutes

San Francisco 49ers v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

In a scene from the movie Boiler Room, Ben Affleck’s character is chastising a room full of employees for not selling enough fictional stock to unsuspecting customers. “There is no such thing as a no sale call,” he says, “A sale is made on every call you make. Either you sell the client some stock, or he sells you on a reason he can’t. Either way, a sale is made.”

The 49ers are going to have to make multiple sales calls when it comes to who they want to bring back in free agency after the season. But how are they prioritizing those calls? Matt Barrows of The Athletic has an interesting piece up now about who he thinks will get the first calls from John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan when the times comes.

In today’s Stats & Eggs podcast, I give you that list as well as my thoughts on whether the Niners should try and retain each person on the list.

The hardest call for me? Kyle Juszczyk. He’s arguably my favorite player on the whole team, but damn if he isn’t expensive as hell. With a laundry list of people that need to get paid, can the 49ers really afford to pay top dollar for a Swiss army knife?

You can check out the full episode on this page or wherever you get your podcasts.