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Gold Standard: Could Aaron Rodgers end up in San Francisco?

Packers Insider Ryan Wood joins today’s podcast

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

49ers fans from California to Connecticut are dreaming of better days now that the 2020 season is circling the drain. Tonight, the Niners play host to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers on Thursday Night Football. Is the day coming when Rodgers could be starting for the 49ers instead of against them? Levin Black and I asked the Green Bay Press-Gazette’s Ryan Wood about that idea yesterday on the Gold Standard Podcast.

“There is still the reality hanging over this franchise that in the draft they put the Aaron Rodgers era on a clock. We don’t know how much time is on that clock,” Wood said, “It’s not something that’s actively discussed right now...but that reality hanging over this franchise is never going to go away as long as Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love coexist.”

It’s entirely possible that I’m reading too much into that statement and it never comes to fruition, but I don’t think it’s totally crazy to dream about. Wood also added in the pod that he thinks there’s still frustration on Rodgers’ part about the team not putting enough weapons around him over the last two years. If the Packers have another rough playoff exit, is it so far-fetched that Rodgers demands a trade?

Just imagine for a second what the 49ers’ offense would look like with #12 at the helm. Imagine what Kyle Shanahan could do with Deebo and Aiyuk on the outside, Kittle over the middle, Mostert in the backfield, and a deadly accurate quarterback who can sling it all over the place. It almost warms the soul.

And sure, it would be costly, but good things don’t come cheap. What would you be willing to give up to trade for Aaron Rodgers?

By the way, listen to the rest of the podcast for a full preview of tonight’s game, and be sure to check back later tonight for our Instant Reaction podcast once the game is over.