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Actor Tiny Lister passes away

One of San Francisco’s receivers gets his nickname from a character Lister played in a movie

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Acton Tiny Lister — best known for his role as Deebo in Ice Cube’s movie “Friday” — was found non-responsive in his Los Angeles apartment on Thursday.

He had a connection to the San Francisco 49ers because receiver Deebo Samuel, whose real name is Tyshun, got his nickname from Lister’s character in the motion picture.

ESPN aired a segment on how Samuel wound up being known as Deebo when he was a child.

Samuel responded to the news with a social media post attached to a video where Lister is commenting while watching the piece air on ESPN during last week’s Monday Night Football broascast.

Samuel had the reputation for being a bully both on and off the field when he was younger. His bruising style has carrie over to his NFL career.

Lister also appeared in movies such as “The Dark Night” and “The Fifth Element” during his career. He was 62 years old.