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Kyle Shanahan is “up for anything” at quarterback this week

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Washington Football Team v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

I pointed out yesterday that Nick Mullens has a history of giving the football to the other team, and Kyle Shanahan’s patience may have finally run out. When he was asked yesterday whether Nick Mullens would be the starter against the Cowboys, Shanahan replied that he hadn’t had a chance to talk to anyone about that, but that he was, “up for anything” at this point.

That cannot be encouraging to hear if you’re Nick Mullens.

Unfortunately for him, that’s what comes with 22 turnovers in 15 career starts under center. When eight of those starts include multiple turnovers and just three include clean games, the head coach is not going to be your biggest supporter.

Is it entirely out of the realm of possibility that we see Josh Johnson start against Dallas this week? Would you not be infinitely more excited to watch a mobile quarterback in Kyle Shanahan’s offense than another game with Big Pick Nick’s glacial quickness?

Call me crazy, but with the playoffs all but out of reach, I’d love to see it happen. For more of what Kyle had to say about the quarterback situation and updates on Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle, and more, check out today’s Stats & Eggs podcast. It’s right here on this page, waiting for you to click it. Do it. Do it now. Please.