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49ers vs. Cowboys preview: The ‘what could have been’ game

Bob Sturm from The Athletic joins us this week to discuss Sunday’s game, what’s going on with Zeke, why the 49ers will win, and much more.

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Rob Guerrera and myself were joined by Bob Sturm, who covers the Dallas Cowboys for The Athletic and is a host on 96.7 The Ticket. Bob’s a great guy in general and knows all about the Cowboys, so we’re fortunate enough to have him. We had a fun discussion about what Sunday’s game could have been.

  • What could have been this year if both teams were healthy
  • Why has Zeke looked so bad lately?
  • Why Kyle Shanahan will be Kryptonite for this Dallas defense
  • Is Andy Dalton a threat to the 49ers' defense?
  • Could Dak Prescott end up in San Francisco next year?
  • Game predictions

Sturm reminded us that the Cowboys have not advanced past the Divisional playoff round since ‘95. While 49ers fans are still upset about last year’s Super Bowl, Dallas fans are still grasping at “Dez caught!” which would have only advanced the team to the NFC Championship during the 2014 playoffs. Bob wanted us to know that Cowboys fans have had it worse, which is true.

That can be true while still not having the slightest bit of empathy for them.

Bob was great and gave us some in-depth insight from everything from why the 49ers will win this Sunday to Jerry Jones not learning from his mistakes during the past 30 years. We begin by talking about how let down we were because when the schedule first came out earlier this year, this felt like it would be a showdown. Then, injuries.