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What would you be willing to do to upgrade at quarterback in 2021?

Niner Nate and Leo Luna discuss that subject and more in today’s podcast

Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Today’s quarterback news included, this has been a rough year for 49ers signal-callers. With everything from inconsistent play, to turnovers, to just plain bad luck, it’s been a while since San Francisco saw truly elite play from their QB. Like me, many fans are hoping the team takes steps to address those issues this offseason, but what, exactly, would you be willing to do to ensure that happens?

Niner Nate Nelson and Leo Luna addressed that idea on today’s podcast.

“I would be all for them taking a quarterback in the first round, preferably Zach Wilson,” Luna said, “[You and I] shared text messages between each other and I said I will cut off my pinky toe to have Zach Wilson be the 49ers’ quarterback.”

Woah. Now that is dedication. I’ve loved the 49ers for decades, but I’m not sure I would ever be willing to sacrifice a digit so they could draft a quarterback in the first round. It’s a valuable appendage.

Not to be outdone, Nate Nelson took it to another weirder and much worse level.

“I’d cut off a whole lot more than that.”

What can I say, sometimes things just get weird on the pods. To get the full context, you can hear the whole episode below. Oddly enough, that does beg one important question:

What would you be willing to do to ensure the 49ers upgrade their starting quarterback play next season?

The Niners are blessed with one of the most dedicated and widespread fan bases in the entire NFL, so I really look forward to seeing your responses. And yes, contrary to conventional internet wisdom, I do, in fact, read the comments.