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Gold Standard Podcast: 49ers 2020 Year in Review

Before we move forward, we have to look back

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Yesterday Kyle Shanahan was all of us when he said, “I do want this year to end. For everything, not just football. For the world.” It works out in our favor right now that time inevitably marches on, and soon this year will be resigned to the dustbin of history, next to the Jim Tomsula mistake of 2015 and the Chip Kelly follow-up in 2016. But before we go, let’s take one last look back at everything that took place this season.

Levin Black and I handed out our superlatives for 2020 in today’s Gold Standard podcast. We looked at eight different categories, but the one I’ll focus on for the purposes of this post is the game of the year.

There weren’t many to choose from, but for us, the best game of 2020 came in Week 6 against the Rams. San Francisco was reeling after two straight kicks to the gut against Philadelphia and Miami, and with the injuries the team had already sustained the season was quickly circling the drain.

That all changed that afternoon at Levi’s Stadium. For one glorious day, all was right in 49ers land. Deebo carved up the Rams defense, Jimmy Garoppolo threw three touchdown passes, and it was the only week all season that saw touchdowns from Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, and George Kittle. It made me think, “So this is what the offense is supposed to look like.”

Not to mention the fact that Robert Saleh’s defense held Jared Goff to less than 200 yards passing on 38 attempts (we’ll miss you, Bob).

To hear more on that game as well as the other categories for our 2020 superlatives, check out today’s Gold Standard Podcast on the player below.

Other 2020 Superlative Categories:

  • Play of the Year
  • Offensive/Defensive Player of the Year
  • Best/Worst Decision of the Year
  • Hardest Decision coming in 2021
  • Plus, reaction to the contract of Robbie Gould