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Stats & Eggs: Where the 49ers stand in the NFC playoff picture

Everything you need to know in less than five minutes

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

It wasn’t a perfect Sunday for the 49ers, but it was pretty darn close. Despite one hiccup, yesterday’s results have made the game tonight against the Bills the biggest of the 2020 season thus far.

There were three teams the 49ers needed to lose on Sunday: the Cardinals, the Bears, and the Vikings. Two of the three, the Cards and the Bears, cooperated. The Vikings did everything they could to lay an egg, but apparently the Jaguars are allergic and thus lost the game in overtime.

As of right now, the 49ers stand alone as the ninth seed in the NFC, but it will get even muddier if San Francisco wins tonight. If the 49ers can get to 6-6, they would be in a three-way tie with Arizona and Minnesota for the final playoff spot.

Unfortunately for the Niners, Minnesota would be the seventh seed because they have a better record against common opponents than Arizona, and the Cardinals’ Week 1 win means San Francisco would be on the outside looking in after 13 weeks.

Fortunately, the season doesn’t end after 13 weeks.

With four more games left against the NFC, including matchups against Arizona and Seattle, the 49ers aren’t out of the NFC West race yet, let alone the playoff race. There’s still a quarter of the season yet to go, and anything is possible.

Assuming, of course, that Kyle Shanahan’s bunch takes care of Buffalo on Monday Night Football.

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