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Stats & Eggs: When was the last time Robert Saleh got out-coached?

Everything you need to know in less than five minutes

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Other the injuries, solid play from the defense had been the only thing 49ers fans could come to depend on in 2020. Until, that is, Monday Night Football against the Buffalo Bills.

Whether it was easy completions in front of zone coverage or blown coverages leading to long touchdowns, Robert Saleh had no answers for Brian Daboll and Josh Allen. Buffalo racked up 31 first downs in the game, and they only faced nine third downs all night long. The average distance to gain on those third downs, by the way, was five yards, which was heavily inflated by a third and goal on the 17 yard line thanks to an offensive penalty. If you take out that one instance, the average distance the Bills needed to gain on third down was 3.5 yards. Allen and company gouged a defense built specifically not to get gouged early and often all night long.

The question posed in today’s Stats & Eggs Podcast is this: when was the last time we saw Robert Saleh so utterly helpless on the sideline? Even in a year filled with injuries the Niners had given up the fourth fewest passing yards in the league. This wasn’t Brian Allen making physical errors on the field like the Miami game, or Nick Mullens constantly turning the ball over in his own territory. This was Buffalo’s offensive coaching staff sticking Saleh in a blender and not shutting off the blades until the game was over.

When was the last time that happened to this extent? It’s been a while.

To hear more on that as well as a really good reason for the 49ers not to sniff around Carson Wentz (other than the money), check out today’s Stats & Eggs Podcast. Feel free to give us a five-star rating and a review as well, if that’s your thing.