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Ten non-football questions with Person and Tomlinson

From their favorite places

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

You don’t get an opportunity to sit down with the players very often, but that’s what of the perks of making it to the Super Bowl: the endless media availability. By the time Thursday came around, many of the San Francisco 49ers were tired of the same questions. I had the chance to sit down with Mike Person and Laken Tomlinson for a few minutes and asked them ten non-football related questions. Both of these two are good friends and couldn’t come from more different backgrounds. Person grew up in Montana, was born in Jamaica. Their answers match where they came from. This is the content I was hired to create.

What’s your favorite place in the world to visit

Person: I’m from Montana, so I like to go back there and visit anytime I can.

KP: Is it the nostalgia, or what is it?

MP: Yeah, if you like the outdoors, it’s a great place.

Tomlinson: I’d have to say Lanai, one of the islands in Hawaii. It’s very quiet; It’s very open to everything. With my upbringing in Jamaica, I really enjoy visiting there.

Who is your favorite musician?

KP: Are you guys big on music?

MP: That’s our Jamaican rapper right there [points to Tomlinson laughing]

LT: Like game day, or what’s the mood?

KP: Yeah, let’s do that. One artist that you have to listen to before the game.

LT: I’d say Young Thug, DaBaby. You know, those guys.

MP: I don’t listen to music on game days.

KP: What’s your ritual? What do you do?

MP: I keep to my own thoughts and stay in my lane.

KP: Are you saying you naturally get hyped?

MP: Yeah

Favorite non-football sport

MP: Soccer

LT: Hockey

KP: Wow, no hesitation. Who are your teams?

MP: I’ll say soccer and hockey.

LT: San Jose Sharks

MP: I’m an English Premier league guy. I like Liverpool.

Favorite athlete growing up

LT: It has to be Usain Bolt

MP: Come on now, he can’t say anything else.

KP: Would you get cussed out if you said someone else?

LT: [Laughing] There’s no doubt.

MP: Frank Thomas

KP: Oh, nice, the “Big Hurt.” Did you play baseball growing up?

MP: Yeah, but I was terrible.

KP: So why White Sox, because they were on TV all of the time?

MP: Yeah, so my childhood fandom was all over the place. Obviously, I loved the Bulls because that was during the Michael Jordan era. White Sox for baseball and football I was a Miami Dolphins fan because of Dan Marino.

If you could eat anything after a game what are you eating

LT: Oxtails. It’s been on my mind all day. Jamaican Oxtails. Gotta get some.

MP: I’m a big steak guy. A ribeye steak you can’t beat

KP: How’s it cooked?

MP: [Looking at me like he was offended at the question] Medium rare, of course.

KP: Two sides?

LT: Mashed potatoes?

MP: Ummmm, potato Au Gratin. Let’s go with asparagus.

KP: Look at you, being healthy.

MP: You know, I try.

LT: And a beer.

KP: Now we’re talking. What kind of beer?

MP: Shiner Bock

LT: Red Stripe [Person loses it laughing]

KP: Okay, I’m probably going to edit that out.

Person that had the biggest influence on you growing up

LT: I would have to say, my mentor, Bob Sperling. He came into my life when I was in eighth grade growing up in Chicago. He really bought into me at the time and set me on a path that really led me where I am today. If it wasn’t for him, who knows where I would have been today.

KP: Are you still in contact to this day?

LT: Oh yeah, he’s been to games.

MP: I have to go with my parents. My dad was my football coach growing up.

KP: Through what level?

MP: He was my coach through high school.

If you weren’t playing football, you would be ____?

MP: Coaching, probably.

LT: Umm, I wou...

MP: Laken would be an MD or traveling in med school or something. He’s smart.

KP: Is this true?

MP: Yeah, I’d probably be in med school.

When did you realize you were good enough to play in the NFL?

LT: When I got drafted, I guess.

MP: Yeah, same.

KP: You guys don’t have to be humble about this.

MP: It doesn’t hit you until you either get drafted or are on the football field in the NFL.

What are your plans after your playing career?

KP: I guess you kind of already answered this, Mr. MD.

LT: Yeah, I’ll be a doctor.

MP: I know for a fact I’m going to sit down and take some cherished time with my family. Much-needed.

KP: Are they still back in Montana?

MP: We actually live in Ohio. My wife is from there.