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Patrick Mahomes Film Breakdown Super Bowl Preview

What should the 49ers be worried about in the Super Bowl?

In preparation for this Sunday’s game, I created an episode on Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is an unbelievable talent who uses all of his tools to terrorize NFL defenses. How will the 49ers attack him on Sunday? The Titans had a quality gameplan, a mix of man/zone coverages that were disguised in various ways. They played a lot of Tampa 2 Zone coverage; before the snap, they would start in one high safety looks, then shift away from their disguise. They used a lot of “creeper/simulated pressures,” which blitz four defenders from anywhere on the field. They flexed a safety out on Tight End Travis Kelce, then played zone coverage behind it, a rarity in the NFL. Though they were ultimately unsuccessful, I believe the 49ers will borrow bits, and pieces from that game plan, and Bosa and the boys will neutralize Mahomes and the offense. Super Bowl prediction: 49ers 26 Chiefs 20.

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