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Free Agency wide receiver options: Amari Cooper over AJ Green

Could the 49ers swing big in free agency at wideout?

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

First and foremost, allow me to apologize for the disappearing act (lack of rides) after the Super Bowl. I was truly in a funk (borderline depressed) after that loss. Every tv in my house is normally on either NFL Network, ESPN, or some channel covering sports. Let’s just say I hadn’t really watched tv at all for the last week or so. I tweeted for the first time this past Friday. Yeah, it was rough for me. When I tell you I’m born and raised in San Francisco and this red and gold runs deeply through me and my veins, I mean it.

I took this loss harder than the loss to Baltimore. It was more so of how we lost instead of the loss itself though. In any case, I could’ve handled that better, while simultaneously continuing our rides together, so please forgive me. Well, that’s over and I’m back, so it’s great to see you again and welcome back to the Silverado for another ride.

Buckle up and we’ll take this ride and talk about the future. Starting with free agency wide receiver options. There are a few areas this 49ers team can still stand to get better, and receiver is one of them.

Think about it. Other than Deebo Samuel straight balling and Sanders providing a veteran boost when he first arrived in San Francisco, the group really only has one true (explosive) play maker, and that’s Deebo. To cap off his sensational rookie season, he had his fingerprints all over the season and the Super Bowl. Here’s a quick look back.

In all his greatness or Deeboness, he could use some help. I know there are a number of contracts to figure out, and there isn’t much money to go around, but one guy I’d like us to take a look at adding to take some pressure off Deebo is Amari Cooper. Just hear me out, I know, the money he’d want and what about Emannuel Sanders? I get it.

As of now, there’s no guarantee Sanders will be back. And even if there is a mutual interest, he’s 32, and his name isn’t Benjamin Button, so he’s actually aging. To come back, the way he did from the Achilles tear the way he did was impressive, but again he’s getting older.

With the addition of the younger and more talented Cooper (26), this receiver group will be one of the youngest but also one of the best and would take the group to the next level.

Cooper can take the top off a defense and being completely honest, the 49ers don’t have that deep threat at this point. I say again, Deebo can scoot but he can’t do it all by himself. The presence of Cooper gives the added threat of a deep ball and he can work underneath, can be used in the screen, jet sweep, or reverse game as well. It’s no secret Cooper is explosive, runs great routes, and is physical, you can see that in the clip you just watched.

What’s not shown though and will be as important to his contributions to this offense, is his blocking. He’s an above-average run blocker as well. Big play ability or not, I think Cooper is willing to do whatever it takes with the right organization and environment to be great and win, even if that means just blocking for the running backs.

Of course, this is all on the what-if thought process. Speaking of what if, not sure about the future of Dante Pettis or Richie James Jr, but one of the most likely won’t be here next season. Look, the run game is going to continue to click, which will further open up the passing game, giving all these young big-play potential receivers ample opportunities to shine.

Now, it’s still unclear if the Dallas Cowboys are going to cash him out or allow him to walk. Keep in mind they’re still trying to figure out getting Dak Prescott paid as well. Time will tell, but if for whatever reason they let him walk, I’m sure there are still a few contracts that can be restructured to free up money to extend our current guys like George Kittle and DeForrest Buckner, keep guys like Arik Armstead possibly upgrade the receiver position.

Kwon Alexander has already showed his dedication to this team, displaying the pure selflessness this team exudes. This same selflessness is part of what makes this team truly special.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jimmy Garoppolo and Jerik McKinnon restructure as well, along with Armstead being cooperative as possible in terms of his contract to keep this team together, with the goal of finishing what they started.

Again, this is only my thoughts on potential options, and I’m sure there hasn’t been much talk of it at all within the building. I will tell you this though, if the 49ers want a shot to return to the Super Bowl this next season and be even more competitive, adding Cooper to this group of young and dynamic wide receiver group would help do just that.

Another option some have discussed, is AJ Green.

Is he talented? Most definitely. But he’s had his share of injury issues as well and is 31, so he too is getting up there in age. I know he’d be cheaper than Cooper, but thinking long term and overall impact, Cooper is the better option in my eyes.

Can you imagine the offense with Cooper, Deebo, Kendrick Bourne (yes I say we keep Bourne), Trent Taylor, and Jalen Hurd? This would give Jimmy G two explosive threat options down the field as well as guys that can work the short to intermediate areas of the field. If both Taylor and Hurd can stay healthy, this group has the potential to be explosive as the defense. Adding him Cooper with Deebo would be huge!

I know it not even happen, but I’m excited about the possibility of adding Cooper. General Manager John Lynch has said he’s always looking for ways to get better, Head Coach Kyle Shanahan shares the same sentiments. I know Shanahan would love the chance to add a play maker like Cooper to his receiver room.

I want to make sure I stress this. I know this may not even be on the table, but with the talent already in place on this roster and Shanahan still putting together master plans drawing up plays, I truly feel it should be on in the “on the table” discussion. Just think about having both these young dawgs (Deebo and Cooper) out there terrorizing defenses at together. It’s almost like cheating as they both can be used in the same fashion. Let’s just keep getting better. GO NINERS!