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Bill Barnwell on the Tom Brady train

Le sigh

I really thought this Tom Brady to the 49ers talk was over just as it began last week, but it’s still this fantasy that everyone wants to see happen. Let’s get something straight: Brady to the 49ers is an absolute nightmare. I’m warning all of you. I did once, and I’ll say it again.

But Add ESPN’s Bill Barnwell to the list of speculation. Now to be fair, Barnwell speaks in logic. He says there’s a .01 percent chance of this happening and goes on to say the 49ers can win a Super Bowl with Jimmy Garoppolo, but he still brought it up:

Tom Brady, though, is Tom Brady. The future Hall of Famer grew up in the Bay Area with Joe Montana as his hero. He has been left in a vulnerable position with the Patriots, who don’t have the sort of weapons and/or offensive line that can help compensate for Brady’s decline. The 49ers have a better line, better weapons and just as good of a defense. They almost certainly have a better offensive playcaller. The Patriots are more familiar and have Bill Belichick. I still think Brady will end up staying in New England, but if he were to leave, the 49ers would be a very tantalizing opportunity.

There are roadblocks — this would be complicated. The 49ers already have a quarterback, of course, and Garoppolo is represented by agent Don Yee. Brady is represented by ... Yee. That’s awkward. Getting the money to work wouldn’t be a problem — the 49ers would owe just $4.2 million in dead money and free up $22.4 million in cap space if they were to move on from Garoppolo this offseason — but the Niners couldn’t realistically expect to keep both Brady and Garoppolo on their roster.

Barnwell goes on to make a trade proposition where the 49ers trade Garoppolo back to the Patriots for a first-rounder and keep Brady. No. Just no.

I’m going to tell you once again: It’s not happening. Not now, not ever. Yes, Barnwell even says that it’s definitely not happening, but still goes on to dabble in it. It’s not happening because Tom Brady would take a year just even to resemble Tom Brady in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. You’re asking the equivalent of a guy who has worked with Windows his entire career to start using Linux in a new job and be just as productive.

Folks forget the complications and relationship of Garoppolo and Brady, forget who Tom Brady was, and look at Tom Brady now and what is asked of Tom Brady going into San Francisco.

It’s. Not. Happening. And if it is, it’s going to be an absolute nightmare.