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Golden Nuggets: Who is your current draft crush

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday February 14, 2020

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Valentines Day! I hope everyone is smart enough to stay home, have plenty to drink and ends up having a happy ending. Who loves the sack? I am afraid there is not much in the way of links this morning so let’s talk about draft crushes. How many of you think we will be looking to trade down?

While it will be interesting to see who everyone thinks we should pick in the first round, the later round picks are where I am really interested to see what people come up with. I will get this started by going first.

I will use as a reference. While I don’t think they are necessarily the most accurate, they present an easy to navigate list and it is way too early to take any of the draft prospect rankings seriously anyway. Also, keep in mind that I have only just begun looking at the prospects and will probably change my mind many times between now and the draft. While I may change my mind on the player I think we should draft, I probably will not change my opinion of what positions we should be drafting all that much.

I am going to start by trading down for Thaddeus Moss. Our first pick at #31 is way too early to take Moss who is listed by cbssports at #75 so I am going to trade down somewhere closer to the #75 position (3rd round) and try to get a couple of 2021 draft picks in return. While George Kittle is our #1 tight end and Dwelley adds depth to the position, there is still plenty of room on the roster for Moss. As a matter of fact, there also may be enough room for another tight end pick which I will talk about later.

I am using the 49ers next pick at 139 on a free safety from Southern Illinois named Jeremy Chin. He is currently #157 on the cbssports prospect list. I think someone is going to offer Ward a nice contract and he is going to take it which means Tarvarius Moore takes over at free safety. I can see John Lynch bringing in a free agent that the team thinks has promise or one that is in the twilight years of his career as insurance and drafting a project in the middle rounds.

With the 49ers 159th pick, I am going with another tight end. Last year was the year of the wide receiver, this year is the year of the tight end. Devin Asiasi is a 6’-3” 279 pound tight end out of UCLA that is currently listed at #179. I have him not only being used as a blocker in tight end heavy sets but also being utilized as Kyle Juszczyk’s backup. It appears that the 49ers coaching staff knows how to teach blocking and I think a 279 pound tight end might be a good prospect to be Juices backup.

Moving on to our pick in the 191st spot, I am going with Darrynton Evans. Evens is an extremely shifty back from Appalachian State that is listed at #183. We have a chance to save a lot of cap space by cutting Coleman and McKinnon. While McKinnon might come back on a team friendly contract, we should not expect him to be his old self at this point and while I like Jeff Wilson, I think we need to draft someone to raise the level of competition. We may have to trade up a few spots to get him.

My final choice is with the 49ers 195th pick. I am going with Bonito Jones out of Ole Miss. Jones is a 6’-1” 329 pound nose tackle that I am hoping can backup DJ Jones. We can call this competition “keeping up with the Joneses”.

I have not decided on a player with our 223rd pick but i am hoping it is a QB that can end up on our practice squad so we can go with only two quarterbacks on the roster next season.

While I like the idea of drafting an offensive or defensive lineman, I think the ones that will be left at the end of the first are projects and I don’t think you draft a project in the first. I am also hoping we can keep Sanders for a couple of years while we straighten out our wide receiver position.

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