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LEGENDARY: The story of the 2019 San Francisco 49ers

A few of us wrote a book, and you should buy it!

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The 2019 San Francisco 49ers came off of a 4-12 season with some new players, a healed starting quarterback, new schemes, and the same vision of integrity, speed, and brutality that coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch had been building since 2017. The pieces all came together despite doubters and injuries as they raced to a 13-3 record, the top seed in the NFC, and the 7th Super Bowl in franchise history. Here is their stirring story, from Nick Bosa, planting the flag to Dre Greenlaw’s goal-line stop, from Jimmy Garoppolo’s feel-ing “Good, Baby” to Raheem Mostert running for 220 yards in the NFC Championship — a story told in riveting fashion by five sportswriters who covered the team. There is only one word for this team. To quote linebacker Kwon Alexander, they are LEGENDARY.

Mark Saltveit had a brilliant idea to capture the 2019 season that was for the 49ers. While the year didn’t end the way we all wanted to, it was still a magical ride looking back on it. On Thursday, NFL Network was playing their No. 4 game of the year. That was Week 17 to clinch the NFC West. The 49ers were in four of the top five games of the season, according to NFL Network. Each game happened in the second half of the season. Let that marinate for a second. Mark published an E-book as well as a print version that is available in your local bookstores. The book is 224 pages of him, myself, Akash, Alex Tran, Eric Crocker, and Kyle Breitkreutz, all giving our perspectives on the season.

I like the idea as you get several different perspectives from people watching the same thing. That’s what makes sports, sports. Alex can watch a play and conclude, while Akash can do the same and come to a completely different result. The beauty of it all is both guys can be correct, wrong, or both. Football is black and white, and that’s why we keep coming back every day.

You can purchase in bookstores, or go to this site and get the E-Book. Free shipping to first 100 pre-orders

To pre-order, send $19.95 via Venmo or Paypal to - same username for both Venmo and Paypal

Pre-orders to date: 17

Buy it now at these fine Bay Area bookstores:

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For any other questions, please reach out to Mark at the email above.