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XFL open thread: Do we root against Seattle in this league too?

The Seattle Dragons face the Tampa Bay Vipers

Tampa Bay Vipers v Seattle Dragons Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The DC Defenders were up 21-0 as of writing this over the New York Guardians. Cardale Jones was 21-35 for 232 yards and a touchdown. Guardians quarterback Matt McGloin had 19 attempts for 44 yards and two touchdowns. Here’s a fun fact: New York’s backup quarterback Marquise William started his last season at North Carolina. Who did he beat out for the job? One Mitch Trubisky. Oh, Bears.

The second XFL game of the day will be our open thread. The Tampa Bay Vipers face the Seattle Dragons. Does this mean we fade the Dragons? There are odds for these games as well. The Vipers are three-point favorites, and the total of the game is at 44.5. It feels like under is the way to go in all of these games.

Jim Zorn is the head coach for the Dragons, with Mike Riley calling plays on offense, and Brandon Silvers is slinging it for Seattle. Tampa Bay is led by Marc Trestman, and their defensive coordinator is Jerry Glanville because why wouldn’t he be? Aaron Murray is Tampa Bay’s quarterback. Enjoy the game!