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Golden Nuggets: Will Mostert get a chance to start in 2020?

A collection of San Francisco 49ers related links for Monday, February 17th, 2020

Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One of the most frustrating things for me about the 2019 season was Kyle Shanahan’s perceived insistence on giving Tevin Coleman snaps over the more effective Raheem Mostert. I emphasized the word “perceived” because looking back at the stats, they ended up with the same amount of carries. Coleman had 137 carries for 544 yards (4.0 avg), and Mostert had 137 for 772 (5.6 avg). They even ended up with the same amount of receiving yards (180) even though Coleman had more targets (30) than Mostert (22).

Looking back to Shanahan’s last season with the Atlanta Falcons, Coleman split snaps with Devonta Freeman for their dual-headed rushing attack, but only had 118 carries to Freeman’s 227. Coleman had a 4.4 avg and Freeman had a 4.8 avg, but even with that similar production, Freeman almost doubled the number of carries that Coleman had.

So I went into this thinking I would prove that Shanahan showed clear favoritism for Coleman, but it turns out that Shanahan has actually been pretty consistent with his usage of Coleman regardless of the team. My question then becomes: Considering Mostert’s significantly better production, why wasn’t he given more opportunities to carry the ball? The world may never know, but with both under contract for next season, could we finally see a change to the pecking order in 2020?

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