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Target is trolling the 49ers

Too soon.

I remember a few years back when Fooch gave us images of the 49ersSuper Bowl Champions” merchandise that was not meant to be from Super Bowl 47. It got shipped off to another country but was very strange to look at. Well, Target doesn’t reveal something so awkward as it feels like straight trolling. Our own Alex Tran tweeted this out:

I think we all know where the error on this poster is. I know everyone here is going to say, “too soon” and I’d agree with you. At the same time, it’s rather interesting to pull a Chrono Cross and walk into that rift where Jimmy Garoppolo made that deep throw to see what would have happened. And this is probably one of the many different things with the world.

It does seem a bit light, though. Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t even the centerpiece of the poster. Then again, these were made before anyone knew who the stars of the game would have been. I also question the fact the 49ers are in their red gear. I know that that’s the home colors, but they were wearing the whites in Miami.

So did someone gets fired for this? Doubt it. I’m sure there was a talking to on whoever put this out there. I believe Tran is in California, so it was probably some poor soul who couldn’t care any less about the sports ball.