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49ers Super Bowl timeline

We break down everything from beginning to end of this wild season starting with the firing of Chip Kelly

Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday. The San Francisco 49ers have turned things around after an awful 2018 to find themselves going to the big dance. A lot and I mean A LOT has happened to get them here, so I figured I’d start from the beginning and attempt to compile everything that got them here. Here is your timeline of events. To the best of my ability, I’ve added the breaking news in the order it happened. So the first item for January 1st would be the first piece of breaking news that day and so on. Note any reports that came after the events are not included UNLESS I find it necessary to explain a particular decision or it was groundbreaking. So, the report that Kyle Shanahan was candid with Jed York on the state of the roster won’t be included because that was not a news story until seven months after the hire. When we get to 2019, you’ll find things get a bit light, it’s just because this was getting a bit too long.

Also, I won’t be breaking down things game by game unless it’s fulfilling a narrative or something huge. So don’t look for final scores of the 2017 crud we were subjected to unless it’s the string of heartbreaking losses the 49ers suffered.

The Head Coaching Search


December 31st:

-News is leaked that not only Trent Baalke will be fired from the San Francisco 49ers, but Chip Kelly as well. This is a desire to rebuild after a 2-14 season and the 49ers hiring a head coach that could co-exist with a general manager. Baalke had a reputation for being difficult to work with, a rep that cost former 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh his job (after three straight seasons of NFC Championship-or-better appearances). After Harbaugh, both of Baalke’s next hires were one-and-done with the the team after dismal seasons. The 49ers had enough of everything and pressed the button.


January 1st:

-Reports come out that Trent Baalke was informed of his firing two days prior, however there was no conversation to Chip Kelly that he would not be retained.
-The story is official that evening: Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly are fired.

January 2nd:

-Jed York holds a press conference to discuss the firings. Makes media gold with this quote:

“I own this football team. You don’t dismiss owners.”

-The reported GM pool consists of Chris Ballard (Kansas City), Eliot Wolf (Green Bay), Brian Gutekunst (Green Bay), George Paton (Minnesota), Trent Kirchner (Seattle), Scott Fitterer (Seattle), Louis Riddick (ESPN Analyst), and Nick Caserio (New England).

-Coaching candidates linked to the 49ers are Josh McDaniels (offensive coordinator-New England), Kyle Shanahan (OC-Atlanta), Anthony Lynn (OC/interim head coach-Buffalo), Tom Cable (offensive line coach-Seattle), Vance Joseph (defensive coordinator-Miami), and Doug Marrone (OL-Jacksonville).

-Chris Ballard pulls out of the 49ers interview that evening.

January 3rd:

-Sean McVay (OC-Washington) is added to the coaching candidate pool.
-Jimmy Raye III (Indianapolis) is added to the GM pool.

January 4th:

-49ers complete their interview with Anthony Lynn. The first interview of the combined GM/HC search.
-News comes out that Shanahan prefers the Broncos job.
-Interviews with Kirchner, Fitterer, and Cable are scheduled for the following week.
-Jeff Garcia announces his candidacy for the coaching job. The 49ers don’t respond.
-Sean McDermott (DC-Carolina) is added to the coaching pool.
-Brandon Beane (Carolina) is added to the GM pool.

January 5th:

-McDermott is scheduled for an interview.
-49ers interview Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst.

January 6th:

-49ers interview Paton.
-49ers interview Shanahan (1st interview).

January 7th:

-49ers interview Josh McDaniels.
-It’s made official that Nick Caserio turned down an interview for GM.

January 8th:

-49ers interview Raye.
-Ian Rapoport reports that a lot of the Green Bay GM candidates decisions could depend on if Kansas City GM John Dorsey were to return to Green Bay after his contract concluded.
-Riddick makes it known he’d prefer McDaniels as his coach.
-Vance Joseph’s defense has a lackluster performance in the AFC Wildcard against the Pittsburgh Steelers. 49ers fans panic.

January 9th:

-49ers interview Brandon Beane.
-Jacksonville Jaguars hire Marrone as head coach.

January 10th:

-49ers interview Sean McDermott.
-Jason Cole announces that the most likely landing spot for Shanahan is Denver or San Francisco.
-49ers interview Louis Riddick.
-Following the 49ers interview, reports come out that McDermott will be Buffalo’s next head coach.

January 11th:

-Broncos announce Joseph as next head coach.
-McVay has second interview with Rams.
-Terry McDonough (Arizona) added to the GM pool.

January 12th:

-St. Louis Rams announce McVay as head coach. Call off future Shanahan interview.
-Los Angeles Chargers announce Anthony Lynn as head coach.
-Only McDaniels, Shanahan, and Cable remain.

January 13th:

-Reports come out that Gutekunst was a more attractive GM candidate than Wolf.
-Jason Cole says the new 49ers head coach will “essentially” pick the GM.
-Fooch finds this cool Mike Pettine video where Shanahan is told to run the ball.

January 14th:

-Shanahan’s offense curb-stomps Seattle. 49ers fans offer him the job. Front office says otherwise.

January 15th:

-49ers Denise York interviews Cable.
-49ers fans begin to riot at the possibility of Cable being head coach.

January 16th:

-McDaniels withdraws name from consideration. Only Shanahan and Cable remain. 49ers fans rabble.
-Adam Schefter reports the 49ers ‘are - and have been - honing in on’ Shanahan.
-Gus Bradley is rumored as a option for defensive coordinator, only if Cable gets job.
-49ers interview Trent Kirchner and Scott Fitterer.
-Eric Branch reports the coaching job is McDaniels’ if he wants it.

January 17th:

-Adam Schefter reports the 49ers plan to offer the HC job to Shanahan.
-Mike Silver reports Shanahan will accept job.

January 18th:

-Ian Rapoport reports that Gutekunst, Wolf, and Paton are invited back for second interviews.

January 19th:

-Eliot Wolf pulls his name from the GM search. Paton and Gutekunst remain. Terry McDonough expected to be brought in for second interview as well.

January 20th:

-Gutekunst pulls name. Paton and McDonough remain.
-Mike Silver reports that Paton is the front runner.

January 24th:

-McDonough confirmed for second interview.

January 25th:

-Following their firing of general manager Ryan Grigson, the Indianapolis Colts interview all the 49ers GM leftovers.
-Colts interview Paton.

January 27th:

-Jennifer Chan reports that there is a third candidate. Mystery Candidate is expected to meet with Shanahan.
-Chan also reports that Arizona doesn’t like McDonough.

January 29th:

-49ers interview Shanahan with Paton, McDonough, and Mystery Candidate in attendance.
-Jennifer Chan’s Mystery Candidate’s existence confirmed.
-Mystery Candidate is rumored as ESPN’s Mark Dominik.
-After being blocked from a 49ers interview, Chris Ballard becomes the Colts’ GM
-John Lynch is hired as 49ers general manager. Identity confirmed as Mystery Candidate.

Super Bowl Week:

-Everyone stumbles around the obvious and worst kept secret in the NFL. No announcements or titles of Shanahan as head coach can be made—but it’s the elephant in the room.
-It’s reported that Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have six-year contracts. Something unprecedented at the time.

2017 Offseason

January 31st

49ers announce hiring of Adam Peters as VP of Player Personnel. This is seen as a “favor” from John Elway given Peters was working with the Denver Broncos.

February 6th:

-Kyle Shanahan announced as head coach.

-Coaching staff chatter begins. No formal announcements are made. Most notable is Robert Saleh and Jerome Henderson as co-defensive coordinators

February 8th:

-Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch win the week.

February 9th:

-Lynch and Shanahan speak to the media for the first time. Lynch promises the following:

“People who know me well will tell you that I’m not into a whole lot of promises, but I will make a few. I’ve been pretty clear in saying that this week, [head coach] Kyle [Shanahan] and I are on the same page that we’re going to put together and assemble a team and how long that takes we don’t know, but we’re going to assemble a team that will make you proud. I can promise you this; we’re going to have players that will compete, that will compete every day, that will compete to be the best that they can be. They’re going to be great teammates. We’re going to have a team that plays fast. We’re going to have a team that plays physical. We believe in those things. We’re going to have guys with great character, football character and we’re going to have guys that are interested in making their community a better place.”

-In the press conference Kyle Shanahan announces he will not hire an offensive coordinator and will serve that role as head coach. This comes under criticism. The rules of the new regime are simple: Shanahan has control of the 53-man roster while Lynch has control of the 90-man. Lynch points out that both are, “subject to approval of the other guy” indicating that he and Shanahan will work together.

-Both Lynch and Shanahan stress patience to start as they get things turned around.

- Colin Kaepernick remains on the roster.

February 12th

-Longtime running backs coach Tom Rathman departs from the 49ers. The 49ers wanted to keep him in a different role as Bobby Turner was coming in as running backs coach. Rathman instead decides it’s time to move on.

February 13th

-Robert Saleh is expected to join as 49ers defensive coordinator

February 14th

-Reports come out the 49ers plan to move on from a 3-4 defense and switch to a 4-3

February 17th

-Shanahan confirms Robert Saleh as defensive coordinator

February 22nd

-Shanahan and Lynch meet with Colin Kaepernick. Details of the meeting are scarce. Months later it’s revealed that they were upfront about what offense they wanted to run. An offense they didn’t think Kaepernick could drive.

-49ers sign cornerback K’Won Williams

February 23rd

-Trade costs for New England Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo are speculated. Most compensation would included a second-round pick and change or a first-round pick.

-Longtime exec Tom Gamble leaves the 49ers

February 24th

-Defensive lineman Earl Mitchell signs with the 49ers

February 27th

-Washington has issues retaining quarterback Kirk Cousins. The only team Cousins is interested in is the 49ers.

March 1st

-Colin Kaepernick’s agents tell the NFL he will be opting out

March 3rd

-Colin Kaepernick officially opts out of his contract with the 49ers, becoming a free agent.

March 6th

-The great roster purge of 2017 begins. Wide receiver Torrey Smith is reported to be in the process of being released as well as wide receiver Quinton Patton. the 49ers continue with releases as Shanahan and Lynch watch film of the 2016 49ers. The roster numbers as a result are thinned out.

March 7th

-It’s all but confirmed the 49ers want Kirk Cousins as the quarterback and Cousins wants the 49ers as his team to be reunited with Kyle Shanahan. Just one problem: he’s under contract with Washington. Out of spite, Washington is looking to fleece the 49ers in a trade for the quarterback due to the fallout between owner Dan Snyder and the Shanahans.

NFL Free Agency 2017

March 8th

-NFL free agency tampering gets underway. The 49ers are linked to fullback Kyle Juszczyk and looking to make him the highest paid fullback in football.

March 9th

-The 49ers announce their first crop of free agents. The group includes quarterback Bryan Hoyer, wide receiver Pierre Garcon, wide receiver Marquise Goodwin, kicker Robbie Gould, and linebacker Malcolm Smith. Hoyer is seen as a stopgap until Shanahan can get Cousins. He’s also seen as someone to help install the offense.

March 10th

-Cousins signs franchise tender, the 49ers are SOL.

2017 NFL Draft

April 27th

-The 2017 NFL Draft begins. 49ers make a trade with the Chicago Bears so they [the Bears] can move up one spot and draft quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. The 49ers then slip to No. 3 and take Stanford defensive lineman Solomon Thomas.

-49ers trade back into the first round and draft Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster. Foster was sent home from the combine due to arguments with medical staff. While a huge playmaker at Alabama, Foster came with severe character concerns and a shoulder injury that pushed him back from a top-10 pick to the tail end of the first round.

April 28th

-The 49ers draft Colorado cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon

-The 49ers draft Iowa quarterback C.J. Beathard. Beathard is seen as a career backup and a head-scratcher of a pick.

April 29th

-The 49ers draft Iowa tight end George Kittle in the fifth round

-49ers draft Ole Miss defensive tackle D.J. Jones in the sixth round

-Final Draft Results:

1 (3). Solomon Thomas, DL, Stanford
1 (31). Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama
3 (2). Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado
3 (40). C.J. Beathard, QB, Iowa
4 (15). Joe Williams, RB, Utah
5 (2). George Kittle, TE, Iowa
5 (34). Trent Taylor, WR, Louisiana Tech
6 (14). D.J. Jones, DT, Ole Miss
6 (18). Pita Taumoepenu, LB, Utah
7 (11). Adrian Colbert, CB, Miami

April 30th

-The 49ers’ UDFA class rounds out, including running back Matt Breida, wide receiver Kendrick Bourne, and quarterback Nick Mullens.

The 2017 season — The Elegant Tank

July 28th

-49ers training camp begins. Bryan Hoyer becomes the clear starter with cornerback Rashad Robinson (a carryover from Trent Baalke) is getting the nod for cornerback. Robinson is a noted trash talker and did even more against the GOAT Jerry Rice in a practice where Rice ran routes against the young defense.

August 5th

-Malcolm Smith suffers torn pectoral and misses the entire 2017 season.

August 31st

-49ers trade for Detroit Lions guard Laken Tomlinson. The trade is seen as a fresh start for Tomlinson who had not done much to merit his first-round status in the draft. Tomlinson was taken 28th overall in the 2015 NFL Draft

September 10th

-49ers regular season begins. Their first game they are blown out by the Carolina Panthers at Levi’s Stadium 23-3. Reuben Foster injures his ankle and is declared out for several weeks.

-This loss, along with several others has Mark Saltveit dub the 2017 season as “The Elegant Tank.”

September 21st

-49ers play the greatest Thursday Night game of the year against the Los Angeles Rams. Early Hoyer mistakes and a egregious offensive pass interference call late give the Rams the victory 41-39. This follows a close away game against the Seattle Seahawks where the 49ers lost 12-9. The narrative is the 49ers are playing in fun games, but they keep losing heartbreakers at the last minute.

October 1st

-Another heartbreaking loss to the Arizona Cardinals, 18-15.

October 8th

The 49ers lose another heartbreaker to the Indianapolis Colts. In this game NaVorro Bowman is pulled. Bowman expresses his frustration with playing time publicly.

October 13th

-After failing to find a trade partner, the 49ers release Bowman due to comments, and need to move on with the younger defense. Lynch says the release was a favor for Bowman so he wasn’t traded to a team he didn’t want to go to.

October 15th

-C.J. Beathard relieves an ineffective Bryan Hoyer in the second quarter of a game against Washington. 49ers suffer another narrow loss, 26-24. Beathard named 49ers starter going forward.

October 30th

Breaking news comes that the 49ers have traded for New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. The 49ers sent a 2nd round pick in exchange and released Bryan Hoyer so Hoyer could rejoin the Patriots.

October 31st

-Shanahan makes it clear Garoppolo won’t start until ready.

-Kendrick Bourne switches jerseys with Garoppolo.

-Robinson traded to the New York Jets. The trade was later revealed to be because of attitude problems stemming from a flight. Robinson’s play didn’t help as he was getting more PI flags than pass breakups.

November 12th

-49ers win their first game in the Kyle Shanahan/John Lynch era, beating the New York Giants 31-21 at Levi’s Stadium. The win was also notable for Marquise Goodwin who lost his unborn child in a miscarriage earlier in the day.

November 26th

-The 49ers are manhandled at home by the Seahawks. With 01:06 to go in the game, Beathard is injured and Jimmy Garoppolo comes in to finish the game. Within a minute, Garoppolo scores a meaningless touchdown (for the game) but fires up the crowd. This is called by Pat, The Transformation.

November 28th

-Garoppolo is expected to start as Beathard recovers

December 3rd

-Garoppolo starts for the 49ers in place of Beathard against the Chicago Bears in Chicago. Despite his very limited knowledge of the offense, he goes 26 for 37 (70.27 percent), one interception and 293 yards. He finishes with an 82.4 passer rating. The 49ers beat the Bears 15-14. Garoppolo continues as the starter for the rest of the year.

December 10th

-49ers win their second game in a row against the Houston Texans 26-16

December 17th

-49ers win their third game against the Tennessee Titans 25-23. This is also Garoppolo’s first start at Levi’s. “Celek Time” begins to become a calling for tight end Garrett Celek.

December 24th

-The 49ers play the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars call the game “a T-Shirt and Hat game” due to the opponent and needing one more win to become division champs. The 49ers go on to lay 44 points and the Jaguars lose 44-33. Garoppolo completes 70 percent of his passes (21 for 30) and throws two touchdowns to one interception. His passer rating is 102.4. The Jaguars were one of the best defenses in the league.

December 31st

-49ers play the backups of the Los Angeles Rams who have secured a playoff spot. The 49ers proceed to blow them out 34-13. The team goes into the offseason on a five-game win streak and much hope for Garoppolo. The 49ers finish 2016 6-10. Garoppolo is a free agent.

2018 Offseason

January 2nd

-All speculation is on the mega-deal anticipated for Garoppolo. Lynch says ‘We want Jimmy [Garoppolo] to be a Niner for a long, long time.”

-Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor may not play again. The dissolution of their defense begins.

January 5th

-ESPN’s Seth Wickersham publishes a piece on how New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady felt threatened with Garoppolo. Eventually Patriots owner Robert Kraft ordered Garoppolo be traded, which Patriots head coach Bill Belichick complied with. Belichick choose the 49ers because of his respect for Mike Shanahan, Kyle Shanahan’s father. The piece is later denied by the Patriots.

January 8th

-49ers hire Ken Norton Jr. as assistant head coach/inside linebackers coach.

January 12th

-Reuben Foster arrested in Alabama for possession of marijuana (first arrest).

January 15th

-After just one week, Ken Norton heads to Seattle to be their defensive coordinator

February 4th

-49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo near a deal.

February 6th

-49ers wide receiver Pierre Garçon tries recruiting Malcom Butler

February 8th

-Garoppolo signs what’s initially reported as a five-year, $137.5 million contract

The Reuben Foster Saga

February 11th

-Reuben Foster arrested for domestic violence and possession of an illegal fire arm [second arrest].

February 12th

-Details on Reuben Foster’s firearm are revealed. He had a SIG Sauer 516 short-barreled rifle.

-Foster arrest is reported to stem from girlfriend’s accusation that he physically drug her during an argument.

February 14th

-James Brady points out struggles from Zane Beadles.

-Daniel Kilgore signs an extension to keep playing center for the 49ers

February 23rd

-Chiefs trade cornerback Marcus Peters to the Rams. 49ers were interested.

February 28

-DeMeco Ryans promoted to linebackers coach

March 3rd

-The ninth pick in the 2018 draft is decided by a coin toss between the 49ers and the Raiders. 49ers win the toss.

March 8th

-49ers sign Marquise Goodwin to a three-year extension following a strong first year.

March 9th

-Seahawks inform Richard Sherman he will be released.

-Report says the 49ers are already courting Sherman.

March 10th

-49ers meet with Richard Sherman.

-49ers sign Sherman to a three-year contract. A contract Sherman himself negotiated.

March 10th

-49ers try to get Aqib Talib in a trade. Talib rejects trade and goes to the Rams instead.

2018 Free Agency

Note: Not officially reported, but Eric Reid does leave the 49ers in free agency during this time. This is due to his use as a linebacker during his final year.

March 12th

-Tampering period begins

March 13th

-Reports surface that the 49ers are to sign center Weston Richburg. Which is strange since Kilgore is the center and Richburg shouldn’t be at guard.

-49ers show interest in wide receiver Jordy Nelson.

March 14th

-49ers sign running back Jerick McKinnon to a four-year deal worth up to $30 million

March 15th

-49ers trade Daniel Kilgore to the Miami Dolphins. The Richburg signing is a huge upgrade now.

March 21st

-James jinxes the Cardinals

April 12th

-Santa Clara District Attorney’s office announces Reuben Foster will be charged with felony domestic violence.

-Richard Sherman and teammates join Foster at his court date.

April 13th

-49ers offseason workout programs begin. Reuben Foster is not allowed to participate.

April 20th

-Momentum begins shifting towards the 49ers being media darlings for 2018.

April 25th

-Reuben Foster’s ex-girlfriend recants domestic violence statement

2018 NFL Draft

April 26th

-49ers draft Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey ninth overall.

April 27th

-49ers trade right tackle Trent Brown and a fifth round pick to the New England Patriots for a third rounder.

-49ers sign saftey Jaquiski Tartt to a two-year extension

-49ers trade up, draft Washington wide receiver Dante Pettis in the second round.

-49ers draft BYU linebacker Fred Warner in the third round.

April 28th

-R2-D2 picks N.C. State defensive lineman Kentavius Street in the fourth round

-Final Draft results:

1 (9). Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame
2 (59). Dante Pettis, WR, Washington
3 (70). Fred Warner, LB, BYU
3 (95). Tarvarius Moore, DB, Southern Mississippi
4 (128). Kentavius Street, DE, N.C. State
5 (142). D.J. Reed, CB, Kansas State
6 (184). Marcell Harris, S, Florida
7 (223). Jullian T, DT, Temple
7 (240). Richie James, WR, Middle Tennessee State

April 30th

-49ers 2018 UDFAs include Tennessee cornerback Emmanuel Moseley

-49ers exercise Arik Armstead’s fifth-year option.

-Pat and Fooch point out the “entertaining” picks sucked.

May 8th

-Reuben Foster pleads not guilty to three felonies.

May 17th

-Foster’s ex-girlfriend under oath recants statement

May 23rd

-Charges against Reuben Foster dropped.

June 4th

-Dwight Clark passes away after a battle with ALS

-Pat makes fun of Chris Carter and Eric Mangini

-Video of Mike McGlinchey singing makes the rounds.

June 13th

-Sherman is christened “Uncle Sherm.”

June 14th

-Laken Tomlinson is seen as one of the starting guards. On the other side, it’s a growing competition between Joshua Garnett, Jonathan Cooper and Mike Person.

June 22nd

Laken Tomlinson signs a three-year extension with the 49ers

June 25th

Jalen Ramsey talks down Garoppolo in a segment discussing Garoppolo making the NFL’s top 100:

What he play, five games? He has good potential. I think he’ll be a good player but, my experience playing him, it was a lot of scheme stuff. It wasn’t like he was just dicing us up.

June 26th

-Pat posts a rebuttal to Ramsey’s quote

-Ramsey begins a Twitter War with Niners Nation

-Pat proceeds to publicly troll Ramsey via his own account

June 28th

-49ers troll Ramsey

July 3rd

NFL suspends Reuben Foster for two games due to his marijuana charges

July 17th

Praise continues rolling in for Jimmy Garoppolo

The 2018 Season — The Elegant Tank Part II: ACL’s Revenge

July 25th

-49ers training camp begins

August 3rd

-Joshua Garnett goes down with injury

August 10th

-Nick Mullens wins KSWOF award for Week 1 of the preseason

August 13th

-Alfred Morris signs with the 49ers

August 19th

Brian Baldinger does his first Baldy Breakdown of Jimmy Garoppolo

September 1st

-Jerick McKinnon tears ACL in the final practice before the regular season starts. This would begin what is a laundry list of injuries and injured reserve players through 2018. A list we won’t be going into detail here.

-Oakland Raiders trade Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears. The 49ers were rumored to be in the running, but the Bears felt they wouldn’t pick high enough. Ironically, the 49ers wound up picking 2nd and Nick Bosa in the following draft.

September 7th

Mike Person to get start at right guard for Week 1 against the Vikings

September 9th

-49ers begin the regular season and lose 24-16 in an away game against the Minnesota Vikings.

September 16th

The 49ers beat the Detroit Lions 30-27. A gifted defensive holding penalty bails out what was a lackluster Garoppolo performance. Ahkello Witherspoon was benched in the final minutes of the game.

-Matt Breida becomes a household name

September 22nd

The 49ers offensive line begins climbing up PFF leaderboards

September 23rd

-Against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3, Jimmy Garoppolo goes down on a cut. At first looking like a concussion, he’s later carted off the field. Kyle Shanahan announces in the post-game that he fears it’s an ACL tear. The elegant tank returns.

-Another woe for the 49ers is bad defense and awful tackling. The Chiefs have their way and the 49ers lose 38-27. This tackling narrative will follow the team for the remainder of 2018. The loss of Garoppolo dooms the 49ers

September 24th

Jimmy Garroppolo ACL tear confirmed. C.J. Beathard announced as starter for the remainder of 2018.

October 7th

-The 49ers lose to the Cardinals in what Fooch calls, “the opposite of elegant tank.” The Cardinals would later be known as the worst team in the NFL.

-Thin at running back already, Matt Breida suffers an ankle injury that lingers for the rest of the season.

October 9th

-49ers begin getting flexed out of primetime games with the loss of their starting quarterback.

October 10th

-Due to his defenses failing miserably and not finishing a video game tutorial, Pat makes his first “Heat-O-Meter” for Robert Saleh.

October 15th

-Despite playing well, C.J. Beathard’s 49ers fall to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. The 49ers defense can’t finish yet again. Despite it’s mediocrity and the national media regarding it as such, the fact Aaron Rodgers won it at the last minute adds to his legend. When the shoe is on the other foot a year later, everyone will look the other way for when Jimmy Garoppolo does the same thing. Several times.

October 28th

-49ers blow another game again to the Cardinals. The soon-to-be worst team for 2018.

October 29th

NFL teams inquire about Jimmie Ward for a trade.

November 1st

-Due to injury, C.J. Beathard is relegated to backup role. Nick Mullens gets his first start against the Oakland Raiders on Thursday Night Football He goes 16 for 22, 262 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. The 49ers win by a score of 34-3 and Mullens passer rating of 151.9 is the highest for a quarterback in a debut since 1970. The 49ers never put Beathard back in the game.

-Raheem Mostert misses the rest of the 2018 season with a broken arm. Another injury.

November 25th

-Reuben Foster is arrested for domestic violence in Tampa Bay Florida, the night before the 49ers play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. [third arrest]

-49ers release Reuben Foster later that morning

-News comes out of another domestic violence incident with Foster that the 49ers were not aware of.

November 27th

-Washington claims Reuben Foster off waivers.

December 4th

-Longsnapper Kyle Nelson is suspended 10 games for a PED violation.

December 5th

-Fooch announces his departure from Niners Nation

December 8th

-Kyle Shanahan announces a competion for backup quarterback in 2019.

December 9th

-49ers win an emotional game against the Denver Broncos. A teary-eyed Jed York addresses the crowd with his “Know how good you can be” speech. Jed’s brother Tony died over the weekend.

December 16th

-Despite injuries and lack of quarterback, the 49ers beat the playoff-bound Seattle Seahawks 26-23 in overtime at Levi’s Stadium.

December 17th

-Ahkello Witherspoon goes onto IR.

December 26th

-Pat makes note the 49ers have a legtimate shot at Nick Bosa in the 2019 NFL Draft. People laugh at him.

December 30th

-Laken Tomlinson tears MCL.

-George Kittle smashes the record set hours earlier by Travis Kelce for most receiving yards by a tight end in 49ers season finale with 1,327 yards.

-With loss to the Rams, the 49ers secure the second pick in the draft.

December 31st

-Robert Saleh confirmed as returning as defensive coordinator for 2019 despite his defenses folding for three quarters of the season.

2019 Offseason

January 1st

-George Kittle sends a harmless text to Antonio Brown. Antonio Brown watch begins.

January 11th

-After numerous injuries to the roster in 2018 and 2019, 49ers fire athletic trainer Jeff Ferguson

January 13th

49ers are not expected to retain defensive line coach Jeff Zgonina

January 14th

49ers hire Kris Kocurek as defensive line coach.

January 15th

49ers hire former Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Joe Woods for passing game coordinator/defensive backs coach

January 16th

-Quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello heads to Denver to be offensive coordinator. At first blocked, Kyle Shanahan had a chage of heart and allowed Scangarello to leave.

-Rumblings of an Odell Beckham Jr. trade perculate. OBJ Watch begins.

January 23rd

-Finishing with the second worst record, the 49ers head to Mobile, Alabama to coach the Senior Bowl. A wide receiver named Deebo Samuel gets some praise during the week.

January 27th

-49ers hire Shane Day for QB position

January 29th

-49ers are not expected to pick up Pierre Garçon’s option for 2019

-Antonio Brown watch continues with Jerry Rice getting into the middle of it.

February 4th

49ers open in the middle of the pack with Super Bowl LIV odds.

February 9th

-49ers hire Ben Peterson to oversee training and medical staff in the wake of their strength/conditioning firings.

February 18th

As franchise window approaches, the 49ers are expected to use it on kicker Robbie Gould.

February 26th

49ers place franchise tag on Robbie Gould.

February 27th

Kyle Shanahan says the 49ers did not call about Antonio Brown.

March 4th

In the midst of the NFL Draft (and Day 4 of the NFL Combine) the 49ers are connected to three names with their second pick: Ohio State’s Nick Bosa, Kentucky’s Josh Allen, and Alabama’s Quinnen Williams. Bosa is seen as the obvious pick, but with Arizona at one, many speculate Williams or Allen will be the ones to go to the 49ers.

March 6th

Kyle Posey announced as new Fooch.

March 7th

49ers decline Pierre Garçon’s option, try to trade Earl Mitchell. They also tendered a one-year contract to Raheem Mostert.

March 10th

Antonio Brown is traded to the Oakland Raiders. Antonio Brown Watch ends.

2019 Free Agency

March 11th

-Tampering period begins

-Report comes that 49ers are interested and later prepared to sign Tampa Bay Buccaneer linebacker Kwon Alexander.

March 12th

-OBJ traded to the Cleveland Browns. OBJ Watch ends. 49ers fans get pissed. Reports later come out that the New York Giants wanted the No. 2 pick. The 49ers said no.

-49ers trade second round pick to Chiefs for Dee Ford. Sign Ford to a 5-year extension. 49ers fans get stoked.

March 13th

-49ers are torn between Quinnen Williams and Nick Bosa for the draft.

-49ers bring back Jimmie Ward for one year, $5 million.

March 14th

-49ers sign Atlanta Falcon running back Tevin Coleman for a two-year, $10 million deal.

-49ers sign cornerback Jason Verrett to a one-year, $3.6 million deal.

March 20th

-49ers sign Justin Little as head athletic trainer

March 27th

-News comes out about Jimmy Garoppolo’s film study with Mike Shanahan during Garoppolo’s rehab.

April 16th

49ers offseason workout program gets going. Robbie Gould, who has been franchised has not yet signed the tender and did not show up.

April 23rd

-Gould requests to be traded. 49ers would later deny the request.

-49ers sign Ben Garland. Seen as someone with experience in Shanahan’s system while in Atlanta, Garland is intended for depth on the offensive line.

2019 NFL Draft

April 25th

-49ers select Nick Bosa with the second pick overall.

April 26th

-49ers select Deebo Samuel in the second round.

-Final Draft results:

1. First round: No. 2 overall Nick Bosa, Defensive end, Ohio State
2. Second round: (36 overall)Deebo Samuel, Wide receiver, South Carolina
3. Third round: (67 overall)Jalen Hurd, Wide receiver, Baylor
4. Fourth round: (110 overall) Mitch Wishnowsky, Punter, Baylor
5. Fifth round: (No. 148) Dre Greenwood, linebacker, Arkansas
6. Sixth round: (No. 176) Kaden Smith, tight end, Stanford
7. Sixth round: (183 overall) Justin Skule, OT, Vanderbilt
8. Sixth round: (198 overall) Tim Harris, CB, Virginia

April 30th

-Reports come from Matt Miller on possible friction between Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch that could lead to a breakup.

May 3rd

-Former tackle Anthony Davis seeks reinstatement. The 49ers cut him a few days later.

May 9th

-Mike McGlinchey waterboarding beers. That is all.

May 20th

-OTAs begin

May 23rd

-Jimmie Ward suffers broken collerbone at 49ers OTAs

June 4th

-NaVorro Bowman retires as a 49er

June 5th

-Joe Staley agrees to a two-year contract extension, making him (hopefully) retire a 49er.

June 11th

-Mandatory minicamp begins. Robbie Gould does not attend.

July 15th

-49ers reach long-term agreement with Gould

The 2019 Season: Operation Super Bowl LIV

July 27th

-Training camp begins.

August 3rd

-Plots of land are found that will later be used as the foundation for Punterville. Pat makes himself mayor and begins the worship of Mitch Wishnowsky.

August 7th

-Nick Bosa suffers an ankle sprain. 49ers give the regular season opponents a “handicap” for the first couple of weeks.

August 10th

Trent Taylor suffers a broken foot. This begins a series of events that ultimately lead to him not seeing the field for 2019.

August 14th

-Jimmy Garoppolo throws five picks at practice. Fans panic.

August 17th

-Tarvarius Moore is announced as competing with Jimmie Ward for the starting free safety spot.

August 19th

-Jimmie Garoppolo has a very uninspiring preseason game against the Denver Broncos

August 27th

-49ers release Malcolm Smith. Possibly due to strong play from rookie Dre Greenlaw.

August 31st

-Jerick McKinnon played on season-ending injured reserve. Again.

-Joshua Garnett is released during final roster cuts to the 53-man

September 1st

-49ers place Kentavius Street on IR

September 2nd

-Nick Mullens wins backup QB job over C.J. Beathard

September 5th

-Jimmie Ward breaks finger in practice

September 8th

-49ers open up the regular season as underdogs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Despite a sloppy affair, they go on to beat the Buccaneers, 31-17, The win kicks off an eight-game winning streak. Kwon Alexander was also ejected in the game.

September 15th

-49ers absolutely dismantle the Cincinnati Bengals 41-17. Unfortunately, Joe Staley suffers a broken leg.

September 22nd

-Despite injuries and five turnovers, the 49ers notch another win against the Pittsburgh Steelers thanks to a fourth quarter downfield march with Jimmy Garoppolo hitting Dante Pettis in the redzone for the touchdown.

-The win also begins gathering national attention for the 49ers’ lethal defense and fierce pass rush, which has allowed less than 20 points per game.

October 7th

-The 49ers make a nationally televised statement stomping the Browns 31-3. Focus begins to trickle on the 49ers as if “they are for real”

-Kyle Juszczyk carted off the field due to a knee sprain and is out for several weeks as a result.

-Booger McFarland makes a fool of himself.

October 13th

-49ers dominate an old foe, the Los Angeles Rams 20-7 in the Coliseum.

October 22nd

-49ers acquire Emmanuel Sanders in a trade with the Denver Broncos. The 49ers sent third and fourth round picks as compensation.

October 31st

-49ers call upon Jimmy Garoppolo to beat the Arizona Cardinals 28-25.

-George Kittle suffers an ankle injury that eventually forces him out of action for two weeks.

-Kwon Alexander suffers a pectoral injury that places him on IR and the assumption his season is over.

November 7th

-Robbie Gould suffers an injury in practice knocking him out of the upcoming Seattle game. He, Kittle, and others force a depleted 49ers team to go up against the Seattle Seahawks.

November 11th

-49ers eight-game win streak is snapped by the Seahawks. Missed field goals and the lack of playmakers eventually do them in.

November 18th

-Following a second, last-minute victory over the Arizona Cardinals, the 49ers hit what is considered the toughest stretch of games in NFL History. Dubbed “The Gauntlet,” the 49ers face a home game against the Green Bay Packers (the “second best team in the NFC), a road game against the Baltimore Ravens (considered by some the best team in the NFL) and a road game against the New Orleans Saints (considered by some that ‘other’ best team in the NFL).

November 24th

-49ers make a nationally televised statement, crushing the Green Bay Packers 37-8. They go 1-0 in the Gauntlet. George Kittle returns in this game and catches a crucial deep pass that is used to seal the game and keep an Aaron Rodgers comeback.

December 1st

-49ers fall to the Baltimore Ravens 20-17. Their defense receives praise for holding the Ravens to 17 points.

December 8th

-Jimmy Garoppolo goes strike-for-strike with New Orleans’ Drew Brees, eventually beating the Saints, 48-46.

-Center Weston Richburg injures his patella and is placed on IR. Ben Garland comes in at Center.

-Dr. John York echoes the speech from one year ago.

-The 49ers exit The Gauntlet 2-1. Some say the 49ers didn’t run The Gauntlet, but they themselves are The Gauntlet.

December 12th

49ers place D.J. Jones on IR with an ankle injury.

December 21st

49ers secure a playoff spot with a victory over the Rams, 34-31.

December 29th

49ers win NFC West with a near-healthy team over an injured Seahawks team, 26-21.

-Dre Greenlaw makes the highlight hit, stopping a possible touchdown inches from the goalline.

-49ers secure the No. 1 seed, homefield advantage, and a first round bye.


January 10

Despite originally being done for the season. Kwon Alexander is activated off IR in time for the 49ers playoff game against the Vikings. The 49ers are fully healthy minues D.J. Jones and other utility players.

January 11

49ers crush the Vikings 27-10 and advance to the NFC Championship. Jimmy Garoppolo’s 11 completions are masked by the 49ers keeping things on the ground and rushing it over 40 times.

January 19th

49ers dominate the Packers 37-20 and advance to Super Bowl LIV. Welcome to Miami.

February 2nd

-49ers ________ Super Bowl LIV