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Golden Nuggets: It’s Super Bowl Sunday

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

Finally! We are here. Super Bowl Sunday and the 49ers have their last game to play of the season.

All I hope is they learned the lessons from the last time they are here. If the 49ers are reading this, I have a nice primer here of what not to do based on what happened last time:

First: don’t inspire false hope with a 15 yard gain on the first play, only to get it called back on illegal formation. That whole single play summed up Super Bowl 47 in a nutshell. Next, when a ball is thrown your way, catch it. Don’t let it sail over your head into a defender’s hands. Very important. That also brings me to the next point: don’t fumble the ball. Just don’t. Hold onto it. Don’t fumble it. Also, don’t wait for a power outage to get your offense to wake up. That’s very likely to not be coming this time. Shakira’s show might burn the crowd out, but it won’t burn the lights. Especially with that offense the 49ers are up against, you’re better off scoring a few touchdowns early (what a concept? right?).

The second-most important thing to warn: don’t burn timeouts. Especially to get a play off. The 49ers offense under Kyle Shanahan hasn’t been subject to this killer, so it’s not something to worry about.

But most important. Folks, I cant’ stress this enough. I cannot say this too many times. I cannot overstate this. I cannot harp and harp and harp on this one key thing. When you are on the five yard line:

RUN THE [site-decorum] BALL!

Please. Please please please, do not call fades. If you aren’t going to run it, fine. Just don’t call a bunch of fades. Kyle Shanahan is a genius playcaller, but I hope we look to the tape of what happened last time.

That’s all I got. Run the ball. And thank you. Onto your links

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What a horrible night to have a curse...