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Time to get pumped for Super Bowl LIV

Let’s do this!

I was contacted about doing a pump thread, you bet your ass I’m doing a pump thread. Site decorum is off here.

That said, it’s Super Bowl LIV. Need I say more? Oh yeah, I say this with music:

So you’re probably wondering why I went with the Corneria Theme from Star Fox, well, it’s because...I had some strange scenario consistently playing out the last couple weeks. Several times I would have the post season games playing out in my head and a crucial fourth down goal line stop by the defense happens. Shortly after the theme would start playing and I’d hear Jimmy Garoppolo screaming “GREEN NINETEEN!” and then Breida goes rolling through the tackles for 15 yards to get out of the 49ers’ own endzone and basically put the game on ice. This song just seems strangely accurate. I know I’m the only one who thinks this, but the music seems to encompass the entire season in some strange way, in my own warped mind.

If you want the original Super Nintendo version of the song, go here.

I really don’t know why this scenario keeps playing, but it has been the last two weeks.

The San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in a chance to bring home the sixth Lombardi. I do think the 49ers will win this game due to their attitude before the game and the fact they are a much better team than the Chiefs are, but I’ve been wrong before.

Keep in mind, this may be the last pump thread ever, so you know what you must do. Get loud. Let’s do this.