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Report: 49ers extend passing game coordinator Mike LaFleur

The extensions are happening

The San Francisco 49ers have started keeping the band together. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the 49ers have worked out a new contract with passing game coordinator Mike LaFleur. Schefter says LaFleur planned to go to Green Bay once his contract expired to join brother Matt. The 49ers put a stop to that it looks like.

This isn’t the first time Mike LaFleur has expressed desire to go to Green Bay. When Matt LaFleur was first hired there was some rumblings that Mike LaFleur wanted to head to Green Bay then as well, but was convinced to stay. Once again Mike LaFleur has been kept around and if it’s a new contract, it’s probably a good assumption it’s going to be for awhile and he won’t want to leave after 2020.

Given the lack of offensive coordinator and where the 49ers are in the rebuild, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wes Welker or LaFleur is promoted into some sort of role like that for 2020. We all know who really calls the shots in San Francisco, and Shanahan will still call plays, but offensive coaches will want to be head coaches and coordinators one day.Rather than let them go elsewhere to grow, Kyle Shanahan will have to keep someone around. This is just a hunch, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shanahan continues to operate as head coach and offensive coordinator, but that role is still available if the 49ers decide to promote someone to it.