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Golden Nuggets: What type of compensation can the 49ers get if they trade back in the draft?

San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday February 23, 2020

NFL Draft Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

On Saturday, we talked about the possibility of the San Francisco 49ers trading back in the NFL Draft, and some cornerbacks that would be available on Day 2 of the draft. Kyle Madson of Niners Wire did a nice job of laying out scenarios about what type of draft compensation the 49ers would receive if they traded back in the draft. The reason we keep mentioning a trade, and why everyone thinks it’ll happen, is because San Francisco only has one pick in the first four rounds.

Madson used this trade chart if you’re curious, or want to dabble in some trades yourself:

Cowboys get: No. 31

49ers get Nos. 51, 82 and 120

This would be an ideal scenario for the 49ers, where they keep all of their late picks and move down 20 spots to pick up three selections, including one each in the second, third, and fourth rounds. For Dallas, they could acquire a first-round talent with a fifth-year option, which is ideal for a team running into some salary cap issues with their top players.

I’d be comfortable trading down 20 spots if the 49ers take care of business in free agency. That means there are no glaring needs or holes that need to be filled. Heading into last year’s draft, edge rusher and wide receiver was an obvious need. Here is scenario No. 2:

Browns get: Nos. 31 and 156

49ers get Nos. 41 and 90

Moving down only ten spots and giving up an early fifth while picking up selections in Rounds 2 and 3 is another ideal scenario for San Francisco

I like this trade better than the first. I understand the 49ers—and John Lynch specifically—has had a lot of success on Day 3 of the draft, but you give yourself the best chance to hit on picks the earlier you pick.

Lions get: Nos. 31

49ers get Nos. 35 and 149

Detroit is in a spot where adding an extra first-round pick with the fifth-year option could accelerate their rebuild, especially if there’s a quarterback available that they want at that spot.

If you move out of the first round, it better be for more than a fifth-round pick.

Broncos get: Nos. 31 and 176

49ers get Nos. 46, 77 and 134

Tapping into Lynch’s connection to John Elway and the Broncos may be the best route while exploring a trade back. Denver is loaded with picks, including three in Round 3, two in Round 4, and three in Round 7.

This is the winner, and the likeliest scenario when you factor in Elway and Lynch are buddies. If the 49ers are going to continue to raise the bar, they’ll need to keep adding talent. How do you do that? By adding picks.

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