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Scarlett Jimmies, NFL Draft edition: Which wide receiver best fits the 49ers?

Kyle and Cam go over the top wideouts in the draft and get you familiar with some sleepers

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NFL Combine - Day 2

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On this week’s episode of Scarlett Jimmies, Cam Mellor, who covered college football the past couple of seasons for PFF and now writes for SB Nation’s Pac-12 football blogs, joins me to discuss the top receivers in the NFL Draft. It won’t take long for you to figure out Cam knows his football. This is our most in-depth podcast yet, and the easiest to record since we’re going back and forth discussing our views. The wideouts are going to do all of their athletic testings on Thursday. They benched Wednesday, but that’s not much of a concern for us.

The reason we’ve been talking so heavily about wide receivers in the draft is that the 49ers position looks bleak when you look beyond 2020. We go down the list of receivers, giving one reason each will succeed, and one reason each will fail. From there, we get into some sleeper names you should be familiar with, as well as some players we feel are overrated. This episode has everything, from the top receivers after the catch, to the top deep threats. We finish by giving our top-five.

One thing that you’ll notice is that ours, mine specifically, isn’t going to look like the majority of lists you’ll see, and I’m comfortable with that. I trust my eyes and scout the player, not the name on the back of the jersey or the helmet. Which is why my No. 1 is: