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Watch Louisville OT Mekhi Becton run a 40 in 5.11 seconds

He’s a big kid

So let’s talk about offensive tackles. Let’s talk about big offensive tackles. We all remember when Trent Baalke drafted Trent Brown, right? That seemed to work out for everyone. Well, until he started getting on the bad side of Kyle Shanahan, the San Francisco 49ers drafted Mike McGlinchey to replace him and made a deal to send him to the New England Patriots. The 49ers might need another offensive tackle sooner rather than later, and maybe this guy below can fit the bill:

Meet Louisville offensive lineman Mekhi Becton. So why are we talking about this guy? Well, for one thing, he’s 6 feet, 7 inches and weighs 364 pounds. For another, the 49ers might need themselves a left tackle.

Joe Staley will be around for 2020, but after that becomes a big question mark on the position. One reasonable guess is that Mike McGlinchey moves from right tackle to left and the 49ers fill McGlinchey’s spot. McGlinchey struggled at left tackle while in college, and it might be better to get someone else to protect Jimmy Garoppolo’s blindside. Either way, you go—you have a gap at the position.

The 49ers drafted Justin Skule in 2019, and Skule made a good case that he could be the guy. He also made a lot of rookie mistakes eventually getting pulled for Daniel Brunskill when the former was filling in while Staley recovered from injury. Brunskill is also an option as he showed some good stuff filling in for McGlinchey and also coming in for an ineffective Skule. The 49ers do have options.

But near-seven foot tackle that has speed like that is very intriguing. I’m curious about what else is said about him and his entire combine performance. He’s projected to go in the first or second round, but that might skyrocket if he keeps this up. If he can make it to the second round, perhaps that’s a spot the 49ers can get him if they trade back with their 31st pick.

They will need a tackle eventually. Be it Brunskill, Skule, or someone else.