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2020 NFL Combine: Top performers for offensive linemen

There are plenty of potential Joe Staley replacements in this class

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We’re unsure how much longer Joe Staley will play left tackle for the San Francisco 49ers, and we discussed the possibility of cutting right guard Mike Person earlier on Saturday. The Niners may be in the market to add an offensive lineman later in the draft to continue to add depth, or they may shock us all and take another lineman in the first round. Day 2 of the NFL combine featured workouts from offensive linemen and running backs. Since it’s highly unlikely the 49ers draft a running back, let’s take a look at the top five workouts in each event from the big fellas.

It’s impossible not to lead with Iowa’s offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs, who had a better combine all-around than Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Weighing 120 more pounds than what many believe to be the two best receivers in the draft, Jerry Jeudy and Ceedee Lamb, Wirfs had a higher vertical jump than both. It was one of the best combine performances you’ll see from an offensive tackle, who is still 20-years-old.

Boise State’s Ezra Cleveland placed in the top-five in four events. Cleveland was the top performer in two events, third in another, and fifth in the bench press. If the 49ers were thinking about drafting a tackle, this is the draft to do it.

Fastest 40’s

1.) OT Tristan Wirfs (Iowa) - 4.85 at 6’5 320 pounds

2.) OT Danny Pinter (Ball St.) - 4.91 at 6’4 306 pounds

3.) OT Ezra Cleveland (Boise St.) - 4.93 at 6’6 311 pounds

4.) OT Jack Driscoll (Auburn) - 5.02 at 6’5 306 pounds

5.) OT Terence Steele (Texas Tech) - 5.03 at 6’6 312 pounds

Wirfs had a poor start and still ran a 4.85. He looked like a skill player running.

Patrick will have an article on 360+ pound Mehki Becton running later today. That was one of the more impressive things you’ll see all weekend. The worst part of all this is knowing guys twice a lot of our size are more athletic than us. Humbling, indeed.

Vertical Jump

1.) OT Tristan Wirfs (Iowa) - 36.5” at 6’5 320 pounds

2.) OT Jedrick Wills (Alabama) - 34.5” at 6’4 312 pounds

3.) OT Hakeem Adeniji (Kansas) - 34.0” at 6’4 302 pounds

4.) OT John Molchon (Boise State) - 34.0” at 6’5 309 pounds

T-5.) OT Justin Herron (Wake Forest) - 33.0 at 6’4 308 pounds

T-5.) C Cesar Ruiz (Michigan) - 33.0 at 6’3 307 pounds

This speaks to the athleticism of this class. You generally don’t find many offensive linemen that can jump over 30” in the vertical. These guys cleared that number with ease. The best part about it is many of these names are being mocked relatively early in the draft. So you’re getting good football players and high-end athletes.

Broad Jump

1.) OT Tristan Wirfs (Iowa) - 10’1 at 6’5 320 pounds

2.) OT Alex Taylor (SCSU) - 9’8 at 6’8 308 pounds

T-3.) OT Hakeem Adeniji (Kansas) - 9’7 at 6’4 302 pounds

T-3.) OT Austin Jackson (USC) - 9’7 at 6’5 322 pounds

5.) OT Jack Driscoll (Auburn) - 9’6 at 6’5 306 pounds

Short Shuttle

1.) Ezra Cleveland (Boise St.) - 4.46 at 6’6 311 pounds

2.) C Matt Hennessy (Temple) - 4.60 at 6’4 307 pounds

3.) OT Danny Pinter (Ball St.) - 4.62 at 6’4 306 pounds

4.) C Cesar Ruiz (Michigan) - 4.64 at 6’3 3-7 pounds

5.) OG Keith Ismael (SDSU) - 4.65 at 6’3 309 pounds


1.) OT Ezra Cleveland (Boise St.) - 7.26 at 6’6 311 pounds

2.) C Matt Hennessy (Temple) - 7.45 at 6’4 307 pounds

3.) OT Jon Runyan (Michigan) - 7.57 at 6’4 306 pounds

4.) OT Andrew Thomas (Georgia) - 7.58 at 6’5 315 pounds

5.) OT Tristan Wirfs (Iowa) - 7.65 at 6’5 322 pounds

Kyle Shannahan has a type at wide receiver. Teams use the same for an offensive lineman. These aren’t thresholds to live and die by, but baselines and cutoffs. Anything over an 8-second three-cone or a five-second short shuttle is a red flag. A 3-cone that is faster than 7.7 or a short shuttle that is faster than 4.7 are impressive times. I’d love to know if the 49ers are one of these teams. Remember, there are always outliers.

Bench Press

1.) Netane Muti (Fresno State) - 44 reps at 6’3 315 pounds

2.) Simon Stepaniak (Indiana) - 37 reps at 6’4 313 pounds

3.) John Simpson (Clemson) - 34 reps at 6’4 321 pounds

4.) Jake Hanson (Oregon) - 33 reps at 6’4 303 pounds

5.) Ezra Cleveland (Boise State) - 30 reps at 6’6 311 pounds

I was hesitant to include bench, as it’s more of an endurance test that gives us an idea of the athletes’ work ethic in the weight room. Even then, it’s one of the least applicable drills at the combine.