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Former 49ers tight end Vernon Davis announces retirement

He will be remembered for The Catch III

Update: Davis made it officially official.

Lost in all this Super Bowl hubbub is an announcement made by former San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis. In a very awkward move during a commercial, Davis made an announcement he is retiring from the NFL.

Davis finished up his season in Washington, but his time with the 49ers will never be forgotten. Sure we all think of Davis and think of what I call The Catch: Gaiden (The Catch: Side Story) with his Vernon Post in the NFC Divisional, but Davis’ history goes further back.

He was drafted by the 49ers sixth overall in the 2006 NFL Draft. His combine was ridiculous, and he was seen as the top tight end prospect. As time went on, Davis had some character concerns that brought headaches to the 49ers, the most notable being when he slapped a Seattle Seahawk player. Then-head coach Mike Singletary sent Davis to the locker room for the unsportsmanlike penalty, and it led to what has been a legacy rant for the 49ers head coach.

From there, Davis became a threat in the league. Not only could he block when needed, but he was faster than several wide receivers. Davis was a part of the Vernon Post, which was a play that highlighted him and Alex Smith—two 49ers players who held the team together in the darkest of times. When Jim Harbaugh arrived, Davis went and became one of the best tight ends in the league.

If this is the end of Davis’ career, he finishes with 583 receptions, 7562 yards, 63 touchdowns, and I don’t know how many Jamba Juice stands he owns.

Enjoy retirement, Vernon. 49ers fans appreciate all you did for the team.