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Richard Sherman chooses not to be a candidate for new NFLPA president

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Sherman has been vocal about his opposition on the new CBA

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

We have discussed the new CBA proposal a lot over the last couple of weeks as it will impact the landscape of the NFL for the next decade. Players now have 48 extra hours to vote on the CBA. With a new CBA comes a new president for the NFLPA—which will be revealed next week. San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman, who is eligible to remain on the executive committee, is taking his name out of the running for the next NFLPA’s president, according to ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

Sherman has made it no secret that he’s opposed to the most recent CBA proposal. He’s reached out to other players on Twitter that have said this was a good deal. Here is a quote from Sherman, who is a big advocate on player safety:

“It’s odd to me, and it’s always odd when you hear player safety is their biggest concern, and they’re really standing up for player safety. Player safety, player safety. But it seems like player safety has a price tag. Player safety up to the point of, ‘Hey, 17 games make us this much money, so we really don’t care how safe they are if you’re going to pay us this much money to play another game. That’s the part that’s really concerning for us as a union and us as players because they think that players have a price tag on their health and I don’t think we’re in the same ballpark in that regard.”

If the CBA isn’t ratified, I’ll be interested to see what the reaction on social media is, if there is one at all. Players haven’t hidden their stance on the new deal. I’m curious if, come this weekend, that stance will soften, and we’ll see a string of “it’s not that bad” type of statements. Either way, Sherman won’t be in charge moving forward.