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Free agency thread: Calais Campbell traded to the Ravens; Roby back with the Texans

The deals are pouring in. We also have a better idea on how much it will cost to tag Armstead

9th Annual NFL Honors - Arrivals Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Kyle’s update 3:10: CB Bradley Roby re-signed with the Texans for three years, $36 million. That’s more than I expected. These early deals are already a good indication that the 49ers will be sitting out of the first wave of free agency.

Now that the CBA has been ratified, deals around the NFL are starting to get done. More and more rumors are spreading as well. Let’s take a look at some of the deals and rumors that happened early Sunday morning.

I don’t know about you, but expecting Tannehill to have another season like 2019 feels like fools gold. The situation around him was ideal, and the Titans had a lot break their way.

  • Because of this, Tennessee is now out on Pats QB Tom Brady.
  • The Ravens traded for Jaguars stud DL Calais Campbell and all it took was a fifth-round pick.

Late round pick trades for proven vets remain a huge market inefficiency that smart teams exploit. We see it every year. If a team lets the player they traded for walk in free agency the next year, they get a comp pick out of it. In this case, the Ravens are finalizing a two-year deal worth $27 million. Baltimore will take on Campbell’s full $15 million base salary in 2020 as well. Smart teams stay smart.

Joe Corry of CBS—a former NFL agent that works closely with the salary cap—put out his projections of franchise tags now that the cap is up $10 million to $198.2 for teams. Many expected the cap to be just north of $200 million. The 5.3% increase is the smallest since 2013. Anyway, here are the predictions:

CB: $16.338M

DE: $17.788M

DT: $16.126M

LB: $15.829M

OL: $14.781M

P/K: $5.105M

QB: $26.824M

RB: $10.278M

S: $11.441M

TE: $10.607M

WR: $17.865M

If the San Francisco 49ers tag Arik Armstead, it’s not going to be all. The team will have their work cut out as they try to retain as many unrestricted free agents as they can while continuing to upgrade the roster and contend for a championship.