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Golden Nuggets: Brady to the 49ers was always coming from Brady’s camp

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San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, March 16

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

If you were away on Sunday, Chris Simms from Pro Football Talk—and good buddy of Kyle Shanahan—broke the news that the San Francisco 49ers are out on Tom Brady. Simms isn’t known for breaking news, but calling him and Kyle “good buddies” is an understatement. They have each other’s initials tattooed on each other. Seriously. So if he says something about the 49ers, it’s probably true. There were quite a few responses to Simms saying, “the 49ers were never in on Brady.” There was too much smoke there for there not to be any interest.

Good teams are going to look to upgrade at every opportunity. Lynch and company likely sniffed around to see what Brady could offer, realized the money and performance wouldn’t top what Jimmy Garoppolo could do in 2020, and moved on. Simms said that something happened over the last few days that led to the Niners pulling the plug on the would-be Brady experiment. So, it turns out that a 43-year-old quarterback who site decorum the bed in the playoffs won’t be an upgrade over the quarterback who helped lead his team to the Super Bowl. Weird, I know.

This was mostly from the media and Brady’s camp. It takes some serious hubris to think you can come in and take someone’s job just because you grew up a fan of the team and lived in the state growing up. Don’t get me wrong, we’re talking about one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, but I wonder if Brady thought because he wanted to play with the 49ers that the team would welcome him with open arms. You saw the Mike Florio’s pushing for John Lynch and Shanahan to come out, and quite the rumors Florio and the media were pushing. Everything about the situation was off. I do believe the 49ers entertained the idea. That does not mean they were interested. I have a bet going with a friend that Jimmy G has a better season than Brady in 2020, so I’m all in.

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