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Schefter: The 49ers are likely to shop one of their first-round picks

The Niners have a lot more flexibility now, and that should help add more draft compensation.

NFL Combine - Day 3 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Lost in the DeForest Buckner trade was Adam Schefter reporting that the San Francisco 49ers are likely to shop one of their first-round picks to pick up more draft compensation. That’s not news, but the team now has far more flexibility than before. As of today, the 49ers are without a second, third, and fourth-round pick. We were hoping before that a quarterback fell toward the end of the first round so the Niners would have a trade back partner. Matt Maiocco said, “don’t expect today [Monday] to be the last trade involving the Niners before draft day.”

Trade history

Later today, we’ll talk about the wide receiver options at No. 13. The 49ers are in a position now where they don’t have to rely on one player falling. Let’s take a look at some mid-round trades that have happened in that past few drafts to give us an idea of the compensation the 49ers would receive in a trade back scenario. We saw the Steelers trade up from No. 20 to No. 10 a year ago for a linebacker they fell in love within the 2019 NFL Draft. In 2018, the Cardinals moved up five spots to No. 10 to select some guy named Josh Rosen. Arizona gave up a third and a fifth-round selection to make that deal. That’s noteworthy for the 49ers. In that same draft, Buffalo moved up from No. 25 to No. 16 to draft Tremaine Edmunds. That deal netted Baltimore a third-rounder.

The 2017 Draft saw two teams trade up for Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. Back when the Texans had a general manager, gave the Browns two first-round picks to move up from the bottom of the first to pick No. 12. The Chiefs did the same, only moving up to No. 10. Buffalo received Kansas City’s first, third, and the following season’s first-round pick. If you’re wondering about the 49ers second first-round pick this year, during this same draft, the Seahawks traded out of the first round from No. 26 to No. 35 with Atlanta in exchange for a third and a seventh.

If the 49ers fall for a player, that can stand at No. 13. If it gets to a point where John Lynch doesn’t love his options, history has shown us that teams will consistently trade into the teens. The draft just got a lot more interesting for San Francisco.