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We’ll say it loud enough so everyone hears: Tom Brady isn’t coming to the 49ers

This narrative can die

If I really needed to explain it, I’ll say it once more: Tom Brady isn’t coming to the San Francisco 49ers. But now this isn’t just me speculating using the genius of common sense, it’s me now doing that and supplying ample evidence.

First of all, let’s go to John Lynch’s press conference earlier in the week at the NFL Combine. It was here where he was asked about that other quarterback the 49ers have on the roster and where that quarterback is going.

“We’re extremely proud of Jimmy and committed to Jimmy moving forward. He’s our guy. As I said, from the day he walked into our building, he made us better and we continue to feel that’s the case. That’s the most exciting thing about him is the room for growth. He’s not come close to hitting his ceiling. I think the room for growth, the more experience he gets in this system, the more experience he gets playing in general, we think the arrow’s up, and that’s a good thing.”

Obviously this could be just your usual jargon, but whatever it is, it’s not exactly saying Garoppolo is the starting quarterback for training camp.

And then there’s Garoppolo’s coach Kyle Shanahan:

“Yeah, I think Jimmy deserves a ton of credit for what he did this year. I think people talk a little bit about how he was coming off an ACL, but I also think that people don’t realize that was his first year playing quarterback in this league. I think he got three games in New England and he got five games with us. This was his first time going through a full season. He had less games than [Cleveland Browns QB] Baker Mayfield going into his second year. To do that, with the pressure of, to me, everyone thinking you’ve already arrived and coming off an ACL, I thought there was much pressure on him at the beginning of the year as anyone I’ve been around. He just took it, handled it all year and got better throughout the year. I was very impressed with him.”

I’d say those are votes of confidence. The 49ers do not need a quarterback, the 49ers can’t afford a quarterback, and the quarterback some want to link to the 49ers isn’t even looking at the 49ers.

Reports have come out that Brady’s reps have spoken with the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, and the Indianapolis Colts. I don’t see the San Francisco 49ers anywhere in there, and you can bet you won’t see them anywhere there.

I think with what his general manager and his coach has said make Jimmy G the 49ers’ starting quarterback. We can all go on with our lives. The two decision makers with the 49ers voiced their support and Brady hasn’t even been linked to them. The speculation can stop.

Tom Brady isn’t coming to the 49ers.