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What was your favorite play from Emmanuel Sanders this past season?

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Now that we’ve had a couple of days, let’s celebrate Sanderss

San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Emmanuel Sanders played ten regular-season games for the San Francisco 49ers, and they could not have asked for a better player. Sanders was hyper-efficient, catching 36 of his 53 targets. Three of those were touchdowns, while 24 of those went for first downs. When Sanders touched the ball, he made something happen. He was only credited for one drop as well.

Sanders made a ton of plays. It all started on Halloween, where Sanders caught seven passes for 112 yards and a touchdown. He torched Patrick Peterson all night. Sanders didn’t top 100 yards again until Week 14, where he lit up the Saints for seven catches for 157 yards and a touchdown. Those were Sander’s two biggest games, but he had several highlight plays during his time with the 49ers. What was your favorite play from Sanders during his time with the Niners? Was it during one of those Cardinals or Saints games? Mine is easy. The 49ers were down against the Rams in Week 16, and Kyle Shanahan draws up a post on 3rd & forever, and Jimmy G hits Sanders to seal the game. A gutsy call—the reason he’s my favorite play-caller in the league—Garoppolo, and Sanders executed that.

Here is a look at some of his best plays from the season to help you out. As we close the Sanders book with the 49ers, which is your favorite?

The touchdown pass against the Saints is up there. Not the one where Sanders caught it but threw it to Raheem Mostert. The double move against the Saints where Sanders backpedaled then outran a few defenders was ridiculous. Rewatching those highlights, he was a tough sone of a gun going over the middle and hanging onto the ball. Could that be a hint at who Shanahan leans toward in the draft?