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Will Breida be on the 49ers roster Week 1?

Breida could be moved before or during the NFL Draft

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Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

The Athletic’s Matt Barrows wrote in his mailbag in two separate questions that San Francisco 49ers running back Matt Breida could be on the move. The Niners placed a second-round tender on Breida a week ago. Team’s do that when they want to keep a player because there would be too much risk in putting a late-round tender on a guy like Breida.

Barrows was asked if the tender placed on Breida was a sign that general manager John Lynch knew teams had an interest in his services and if that would make Breida a “tender-n-trade” candidate. The 49ers aren’t going to get a second-round pick for Breida. Still, it’s plausible to imagine San Francisco coming away with a Day 3 pick, which is better than what you’d get if you placed an “original-round tender” on Breida—which, in this case, Breida was a UDFA.

The 49ers can trade Breida before or during the draft. Barrows cites Kapri Bibbs as an example. The 49ers traded for Bibbs and the Broncos’ fifth-round pick in exchange for the San Francisco’s 2018 fourth-round pick. Bibbs was coming off a season where he didn’t accomplish much for Denver but was 23-years-old. Bibbs had 29 carries for 129 yards in 2016. Breida is 24-years-old and has been far, far more productive in the NFL. He ran for 623 yards last season and had 120 yards rushing. In 2018, Breida had 814 yards on the ground and 261 through the air. I know markets aren’t great for running backs, but the Niners should be able to get a fourth-round pick for Breida. The Eagles were reportedly interested last year. Breida is from North Philly.

Who is gone first?

The second part where Barrows mentioned Breida was on a question where he was asked if he thought the team trades one of Marquise Goodwin, Dante Pettis, or Breida. Barrows answer from most to least likely was Breida, Pettis, Goodwin. Age and contracts were the reasons. I’d hold onto Pettis because you’re not getting anywhere near the return on your initial investment for Pettis. Goodwin will be tougher with his price tag, especially if teams know the 49ers will release the speedy wideout if they can’t find any takers.

The 49ers will be fine in 2020 with Breida, assuming they can replace his efforts with another speedster in the draft, and Jerick McKinnon gives the offense something out of the backfield. Will Breida be on the roster Week 1?