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Glazer on the 49ers acquiring OBJ: No truth to that

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If Glazer says it, you can bank on it not happening.

NFL: OCT 07 Browns at 49ers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last week, we had some fun with a few Bleacher Report rumors connecting Cleveland Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the San Francisco 49ers. Those rumors were strong this time last year when Jay Glazer confirmed that the Niners were in on OBJ. This year? Not so much. In his mailbag for The Athletic, Glazer was asked if we’d see Beckham Jr. in a 49ers uniform during the 2020 season:

“Nope,” Glazer said in response. “No truth to that. Sorry, gang. I know the 49ers loved him, but they are trying to rebuild draft capital, not give up draft capital.”

The trade I originally proposed was the 49ers giving up a future second-round pick, and if Cleveland didn’t like it, a deal wasn’t going to get done. In no way should John Lynch trade a first-round pick and have to pay $15 million a season, even if it’s for a superstar like OBJ. Something to remember: Just because this trade like this didn’t happen, doesn’t mean it wasn’t discussed. The Browns likely wanted too much in return. The Niners probably offered a non-first round pick and Solomon Thomas, but Cleveland was only moving Beckham Jr. if they received a first-rounder in return.

Glazer is as tied into NFL circles as it gets, so if he’s saying the 49ers aren’t going to trade for Beckham Jr., it’s not going to happen. If the 49ers add another wide receiver before the NFL Draft, it’s likely to be another speedy/gadget type like Taylor Gabriel. No, that won’t take them out of the market for a wide receiver in the first round. Yes, that likely means Marquise Goodwin will be released sooner than later.

As for Glazer mentioning the Niners attempting to “rebuild” draft capital, that’s why many believe the team will trade back from No. 31, or shop Matt Breida for a mid-round pick.