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Lynch on the draft: This draft is absolutely huge for us, so there are no excuses

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Lynch gave us a sneak peek on what his film-watching session looks like

NFL Combine - Day 1 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The NFL Draft preparation is different this year for talent evaluators around the league. For the San Francisco 49ers, their facilities have been closed for a couple of weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak. On Friday, general manager John Lynch tweeted out videos telling the 49ers faithful to stay home, while thanking those who are out working in the pandemic. The video came from Lynch’s home-office, where he was also watching draft prospects.

Lynch: “I know it’s not ideal working for home. The blessing for our family is we’ve got four kids, two are in college, and the great blessing is they’ve been home. We’ve got tremendous time together. While they’re doing their online-schooling, I’m in here grinding away, but we all get to see each other. And that’s wonderful. So, make the best of the situation.”

I think it’s great that Lynch encouraged fans to tweet pictures from their home offices with the hashtag #IGYB, “I’ve got your back,” which was used en route to the Super Bowl. We don’t get to see this side from general managers often, so it was nice to see Lynch being a “human.”

Lynch also thanked those that are not working from home:

“I wanted to take this opportunity, on behalf of the 49ers organization, to thank the many men and women that have been on the front line in this virus pandemic. To the nurses, the doctors, the health-care workers, the police, the firemen, the people at the grocery stores that are going every day, the essential workers — we can’t thank you enough.”

The Wildcats have a wide receiver Lynn Bowden that many believe Lynch was checking out. One of’s strengths for Bowden says, “creative play-callers will love his versatility.” Kentucky also has a senior guard named Logan Stenberg that could fight for a backup role along the 49ers offensive line. The Athletic’s Matt Barrows confirmed it was Bowden.

On the draft, Lynch said:

“This draft is absolutely huge for us, so there’s no excuses, no explanations. We’ve got to get our work done, albeit from home. We’ve been killing the Zoom meetings. I should have bought stock in Zoom.”

What I appreciated most about the videos was Lynch didn’t come off as tone-deaf. He didn’t make it all about football. Lynch understands that many people are going through difficult times. With social distancing, these can be lonely times for some. Lynch’s message at the end made sure to let everyone know that they are not alone: “Pick up the phone, call someone that you love that might be lonely, and say hello to them.”