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Barrows: 49ers have talked to Jordan Reed’s agent as the team looks for an upgrade at TE2

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Shanahan was the OC in Washington the year Reed was drafted

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins

The Athletic’s Matt Barrows interviewed KNBR Monday to discuss some San Francisco 49ers news. Barrows led off with talking about possible trade compensation for running back Matt Breida, who the 49ers placed a second-round tender on two weeks ago. My initial reaction was surprised due to the depth at running back. John Lynch didn’t place the original round tender on Breida because he’s aware of the interest in Cheetah. Barrows mentioned the 49ers accepting a third or fourth-rounder for Breida, which would be an incredible business move to flip Breida for a mid-round pick.

Barrows was then asked if all of the non-QBs are sitting there at No. 13, who does John Lynch go to. To which Barrows responded:

I think he goes with Derrick Brown. He’s a defensive tackle from Auburn. Boy, he just reminds me of Ndamukong Suh so much. Obviously, the 49ers have a big hole there. Derrick Brown can be a guy that can come in and start from Day 1. He might ultimately be even better than DeForest Buckner was there. The idea of Brown playing next to Nick Bosa for the next four or five years [laughing.]

Barrows continued talking about the importance of the defensive line, and how you keep the line strong, the linebackers will look better, and the cornerbacks will look better, and maybe it diminishes the need for a cornerback.

Brown is a strong no for me, though I agree that defensive tackle is a significant need and am on board with drafting a DT in the first round. Yes, I know the 49ers have invested heavily in the defensive line. I also believe in building on strength and taking the best player available. There is a strong chance that a defensive tackle will be BPA at either No. 13 or No. 31.

Barrows touched on the Tom Brady rumors and referred to it as “shaking the tree” to see what’s there, but there was no real consideration from the 49ers. When asked about the 49ers kicking the tires on now Browns tight end Austin Hooper and offensive tackles, Barrows said:

Well, they’re definitely looking at offensive tackles. Those are some of the guys that they’re having these video conferences with. They wouldn’t do that if they weren’t interested. Joe Staley has two more years left on his contract. If you’re the 49ers and looking down the line and don’t expect to be drafting very highly in the coming years. This is one of those big-ticket items that are hard to get. They’re hard to find quality offensive tackles. This happens to be a rare good year at the position. I tend to think that might be more the 31st pick if they hang onto it, or the second or third round if they trade it.

As far as tight ends, they’re definitely looking at tight ends. They were in on Hooper. I don’t know how heavily, but they were in on him. They talked to Jordan Reed’s agent about Jordan Reed. I know that probably doesn’t move the needle for a lot of 49ers fans. The point is that they want an upgrade at No. 2 tight end. They’ll look in the draft as well. I mentioned Cole Kmet. I mentioned the Washington kid as well. They’d love to have them on the field with George Kittle. They’d also love to get Kittle off the field more often than they do. They’re going to end up investing a lot of money in him. You don’t want your Ferrari to get too dented after you paid for it. That’s what’s going to be happening with George Kittle pretty soon.

Reed is the player I’d be willing to roll the dice on. Immensely talented that can’t stay healthy. Reed has played a little more than a full season’s worth of snaps in six seasons. He did not play in 2019. Kyle’s disdain for Washington is well-noted. Reed—who was drafted in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft— staying healthy once he leaves Washington would make Shanahan a happy individual.