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Garoppolo lands just outside of the top-10 in quarterback study; Kittle defends Jimmy G

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The stats provided match up with the eye test

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

It feels like months since we’ve argued about Jimmy Garoppolo. The Athletic’s Ben Baldwin put together some measures of quarterback play in 2019 consisting of PFF grades, quarterback rating, and CPOE, which is completion percentage over expectation—which measures a quarterback’s performance relative to the difficulty of their throws on an aggregate level. Here is how the list turned out:

Passer rating is a bit misleading as it overweights completion percentage but ignores sacks, fumbles, and rushing attempts for quarterbacks. So passer rating won’t recognize Lamar Jacking rushing for 1,000 yards. At the same time, Teddy Bridgewater is propped up for completing 68% of his passes even though Teddy threw the shortest passes of any QB in the league. It’s difficult to get away from traditional stats we grew up using, but we can do away with passer rating.

If you knew after his first full season as a starter that Jimmy Garoppolo would be ranked 11th in these metrics, you’d take it in a heartbeat. Preseason PFF rankings had Garoppolo 24th. It was more about the unknown, but he not only met but exceeded expectations for a “first-year starter.”

George Kittle appeared on ESPN’s First Take, where he stood up for his quarterback:

Kittle talks about Jimmy G’s accountability and how he doesn’t shy away from criticism. Kittle also asks how it’s Jimmy G’s fault for playing on a loaded roster? That’s the extent that I’ll go into this because there is nothing new that’s being said here and please don’t watch First Take.