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49ers scouting report on....Bo Jackson?

Thank you, internet

San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Raiders Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Only on Twitter can you find scouting reports that are over 35-years-old. This was the case on Sunday morning, as scouting report leaked from 1985 by former San Francisco 49ers scout Tony Razzano. Razzano was the 49ers’ director of college scouting from 1981 through 1991 and is known for the man partially responsible for drafting some Joe Montana guy. Razzano, who passes away in 2002, helped the drafts that led to four Super Bowl titles. Here is what Hall of Fame head coach Bill Walsh had to say about Razzanno:

“Tony was one of those chief components in building the 49ers’ dynasty,” former head coach Bill Walsh said in a statement. “He was a dedicated professional who contributed to the acquisition of many of our great players, including being an advocate of Joe Montana.”

Here is Razzano’s scouting report on one of the greatest athletes of all-time, Bo Jackson:

One part about scouting—and this is proof that it’s been a thing for decades—is that these guys don’t watch every game. It’s generally 3-4 games the scout watches to get familiar with a player. I’ve seen some at PFF argue that you could watch three of the worst or best games, and that could sway your opinion. That’s a logical point, and I understand where the argument is coming from. If you’re watching closely, and not just when a player is involved, that’s all of the games you should need. That’s about 250+ snaps of a player, which should give you a good idea of his abilities.

If you’re not familiar with the scouting lingo, a “9” is the highest grade you can get. That means there is no room for you to improve. In today’s game, you’ll rarely see that number given out. A stud like Nick Bosa probably was graded out somewhere in the mid 6s to low 7s, and he’ll be in the conversation for Defensive Player of the Year in 2020. That’s how amazing Bo Jackson was. Half of Jackson’s traits he received a perfect “9,” which is unheard of. I would love to get my hands on a Deion Sanders scouting report. That would be the only other player that I’d imagine is close to Jackson—who received a nine in explosiveness as well under characteristics. Mazzano clocked Jackson at a 4.12 40-yard dash and 222 pounds. What in the...That’s absurd, and yet 100% believable.

“Has all the super characteristics to be the top player to ever come out of college, including Herschel Walker and O.J. and all the other great backs [Jim Brown, etc.]

A super producer. I am in awe over his accomplishments as a football player and baseball player. Has the physical ability to do anything in sports and be a champion. A very rare gift.” Bo wants to play for a contender, does not want to happen to him what happened to O.J. at Buffalo. He will be interesting to talk about. With Bo, Roger, and Joe in our backfield - awesome. This is the highest grade I have ever given in 22 years of scouting and over 8,000 players.

This was fascinating to me. I’m sure I’m not the only one.