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I wish that had been an April Fools’ Day joke

What terrible moment in 49ers’ history do you most wish was just a bad prank?

San Francisco 49ers v Tennessee Titans

It’s hard to keep track of what day it is for some. You’re not going to forget it’s April Fools’ Day, though. Niners Nation has never been big on pranks. Today, let’s find a way to keep it light and look back at what you wish were a prank for the San Francisco 49ers.

I didn’t want to create a poll because I didn’t want one answer to win in a landslide. The 49ers are fresh off a Super Bowl loss, so that will be the obvious answer as those wounds are still fresh for some, which is understandable. The other big one is Kyle Williams fumbling a punt return in the playoffs. There are plenty of moments in between, and even more before Williams. It’s impossible to ignore William’s blunder, but remembering the death threats he received is something I’ll never understand. It’s a game, friends.

Many of you still hate seeing end zone fades after Colin Kaepernick and Michael Crabtree couldn’t connect in the back of the end zone during Super Bowl XLVII. Today, Jimmy Smith gets flagged for holding ten out of ten times.

I will never say anything bad about Roger Craig, so in my mind, the fumble in the 1990 NFC Championship never happened. Feel free to discuss it in the comments, but this is as far as I’ll go on that topic. In 1972, Roger Staubach led the Cowboys back from a 28-13 fourth-quarter deficit. Staubach relieved struggling starter Craig Morton, and Dallas eliminated the Niners for the third season in a row. For those of you that were around to watch that game, 1972 may top your list.

Let’s hear it, what do you wish was an April Fools’ Day joke in 49ers’ history?