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Open Thread: Who is your favorite non-WR prospect in the entire 2020 NFL Draft?

Tell us who you like, regardless of round or positional value.

Super Bowl 2020 Photo by Nicolas Armer/picture alliance via Getty Images

To keep the conversation train rolling, I want to know who everyone’s favorite non-wide receiver prospect is in this year’s draft class. You’re likely wondering why we don’t include wideouts in this discussion, and that’s a very valid question to ask. It’s because we can already assume that there will be a ton of “Jerry Jeudy,” “CeeDee Lamb,” and “Henry Ruggs III” answers, and that will kill a lot of the vibe we are trying to get out of this.

To put it simply, who is your favorite player in the entire 2020 NFL Draft class? This is not who you think is the best player or who you think the 49ers should draft, but the guy you can’t help but root for whenever they take the field.

My guy this year is former Florida State running back Cam Akers.

Akers was an extremely promising back that hoped to fit right into the huge void left by Dalvin Cook when he got drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. However, Akers stepped into a starting role behind what could be the worst offensive line in college football. Last time I checked the numbers, Akers was contacted at or behind the line of scrimmage on almost a third of his carries. Do you know how aggravating that would be over an entire season?

Even with the piss-poor blocking, Akers still put together a solid season where he totaled 1,144 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns. He also caught 30 passes for an additional 225 yards and four more scores.

Akers has been extremely fun to watch because most of his tape is him making something out of nothing. It’s tough not to like guys who stuck it out in bad situations and made the best of it. His start-and-stop ability also reminds me of Cook, and I can’t help but believe he’ll be successful as a professional when given some average to above-average blocking.

So now I’ll throw this over you all. Who’s your favorite player in this entire draft class?