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Golden Nuggets: One more very long week

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday April 17, 2020

Panthers V 49ers

Should we draft a wide receiver? Which wide receiver? Oh wait, the wide receiver class is deep, we can get a good wide receiver in the seventh round, we should be drafting a defensive tackle to replace Buckner.

No, we have plenty of players to replace Buckner, we need to draft an offensive tackle to replace Staley. No one knows what they are talking about, we need to pick a couple of corner backs in the first round, after all, look what happened in the Super Bowl. (I guess what happened in the Super Bowl had nothing to do with our offense faltering?)

What we really need is another good tight end to go with George Kittle. What am I thinking, Weston Richburg will never come back from his injuries and Ben Garland isn’t good enough, we really need to draft a center. Of course, everyone knows we need interior offensive linemen, it probably would not hurt to also add a guard with our second pick in the first round.

This stuff is making me dizzy. Everyone is an expert and everyone else is a hack. Testosterone is flowing and manhood is on the line here. If John Lynch does not manage to select everyone’s favorite draft picks, he should be tar and feathered before either being drawn and quartered, or beheaded. Off with the head. How dare he pick someone else. He must not know what he is doing.

Thankfully we only have one more week and then a few days of heavy crying over the picks we made. I know, it’s the end of the world! Fortunately, all of this silly nonsense will be almost over for another year at that point. Don’t forget to save a little of that testosterone for your wives.

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